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Increase your transparency on the performance of your equipment

Increase the efficiency of your company – digital, simple, safe and free of charge. By connecting your machines to our cloud, you can get more insight into the day-to-day performance of your machines, can take the necessary steps to increase your uptime. The data is available to you and to our Service, so we can initiate appropriate measures even before a machine fails. Connect your machines with TRUMPF and benefit from our digital solutions for your machine.

Detailed information about our Machine Analytics

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Your data

When is the best timeslot to schedule the connectivity installation on the machine? Remote session with our Service, ~15mn/machine. You can select more than one.

Important note: Network requirements

Please consider the following network requirements in order to enable connectivity on your IT network

Machine Apps

Network Conditions

To be able to use the "TRUMPF Machine Apps" machine option, TRUMPF machines are made connectable to the AXOOM cloud platform. To do this, the customer network has to fulfill the following network requirements:

  • Connection of the machine(s) to the Internet via the network. As a minimumrequirement, the following URLs must be reachable:
  • Enabling of TCP/443 (Port 443) (proxy and/or firewall) for the machine(s)
  • Enabling of WSS network protocol (access from LAN to the Internet)
  • Enabling of HTTPS network protocol (access from LAN to the Internet)
  • With an Internet connection over a proxy server, the following information must be available for the connection: The host name of the proxy server, IP address of the proxy server, user name of the proxy server for the machine(s), password of the proxy server for the machine(s), port for the proxy server.
Condition Monitoring Portal

The following interfaces are necessary to enable the connection to the Condition Monitoring Platform:

  • LAN port
  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10/100-BaseTX, RJ 45, Full Duplex, Auto-MDIX
  • Retrofit Cloud Connector
    • Enabling of TCP/443 (Port 443 and 8443) (proxy and/or firewall) for the machine(s)
    • If the machines are connected via the Retrofit Cloud Connector, the following URLs must be reachable: 
  • Logfile Collector
    If the machines are connected via the Internet, the LAN needs to enable UDP port 500 and UDP 4500 for access from the Internet. For possible questions regarding the customer network, a contact person for IT / network administration is needed.

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