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In order to be successful in the future and to drive down costs, you need the right services to keep you on track for the long term.

With our after sales solutions, we provide you with a fast, digital, personalized support as well as the information relevant to your machine when you need them.

Minimize downtime with remote support

We are constantly investing into our capabilities of helping you remotely: the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your machine up and running again.

Your Support

We have a team of 40 Technical Remote support technicians available 24/7

Smart Solutions

We can video stream via Smart Glasses or any mobile device to help you troubleshoot. This way we see what you see.

Our Performance

Our inhouse solution rate is 85%. meaning we solve more than 2,500 cases per month without sending a technician for a mission.

Easy Coverage

Our Remote Service Agreement includes an annual flat rate on all of the benefits.

TRUMPF Service App

The Service App is TRUMPF’s practical alternative to the technical service hotline.

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TRUMPF Visual Assistance

TRUMPF Visual Assistance is our live video tool between you and our Technical Remote Support Group. It allows you to send or save photos and videos, receive annotations and live chat with our TRUMPF inhouse technicians, so we can get a clearer picture of the situation and guide you in the right direction.

Smart Glasses

With the help of Smart Glasses, we can guide you through troubleshooting problems remotely. You have your hands free and we will walk you live through the repair.

Mobile App

A mobile version of TRUMPF Visual Assistance can be used on smartphones or tablets. Easy to set-up for a call, this app is a great tool for problem diagnosis and spare parts clarification.

Downloading the app


Connect your Machines to our Cloud and increase your transparency and profit from our proactive service. 

Condition Monitoring

We connect your machines to our cloud, and they send data every 30 seconds. If defined events occur on the machines, we receive an alarm. We will then make further analyses to diagnose the issue and prepare preventive steps.

Proactive Service

We are thus able to tackle a problem, before it happens or escalates. We will call you to troubleshoot the problem, order the right spare parts in time or prepare the next maintenance mission. This way, we improve your machine uptime and avoid disturbances in your production flow.

Data analytics

Make use of the knowledge based on thousands of machines in the field. We learn from previous cases to create new algorithms to detect and prevent these failures in the future. With the power of data analytics, we offer you the right solution for your machine.


Weekly reports will give you more insight into the performance of your machine.

Connect your machines!

Increase your transparency on the performance of your equipment

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TruLaser Condition Reports

Get Transparency on the operation and maintenance of your TruLaser. Identify the causes of cutting unit collisions and miscuts in your organization, detect contamination issues with protective glasses to improve cutting quality, uptime and longevity of your TRUMPF equipment.

TRUMPF Smart Services
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