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Production control: a perfect production flow with Oseon

As a sheet metal processor, how do you keep an overview over your processes? With Oseon – a comprehensive solution for production and material flow control, which supports users according to their roles and displays your processes consistently and transparently. This opens up growth and savings potential for you.

Oseon: Work flows

Information is generated at many points in your production. The Oseon software ensures that you receive all relevant information at the correct time and at the correct location, specific to the particular users. To this end, Oseon combines the production control of the sheet metal process chain with the benefits of a logistics system. Standard interfaces ensure simple integration of your existing facilities, automation and systems. The result is a seamless flow of information along the entire production chain. To put it simply: work flows

Oseon Go digitalizes all core processes in your production. 

Oseon Grow is an extension of Go in the areas of storage, logistics, and interfaces. 

You achieve a complete network with Oseon Flow.

Overview graphic of the Oseon software from TRUMPF

Oseon Go

Whether a parts spectrum or technologies: no production is static. That is why you need a flexible control solution that not only goes along with permanent changes but also actively supports you in them. With Oseon, your information flow is accessible wherever you are thanks to mobile terminals. The system displays your sheet metal processing with a transparent overview. Following the principle "As much as necessary, as simply as possible", it is easy for users to learn how to use and operate Oseon. Even new employees can quickly learn how to operate it thanks to its role-based structure and guided work steps. Use Oseon Go for your core processes or extend your software with the Grow and Flow packages until you are controlling your entire workflow with this program.

You can circumnavigate common troubled production waters with the Oseon Go software solution package, ensuring that not a single order is ever lost again. For Oseon digitalizes and consolidates the central processes of your sheet metal processing. Thanks to intelligent functions, Oseon helps you increase the efficiency of staff and machines. The motto: ready, steady, go.

Oseon connects production and the material flow

Most software solutions are separated according to functions, into modules such as "Production" and "Logistics". In sheet metal processing, these roles are often not defined clearly, meaning that production staff also take on logistics tasks. This means users have to tediously switch between modules. Oseon, on the other hand, provides task-specific support – and delivers the correct information to the correct person at the correct time.

CEO: completely flexible

Growth requires flexibility – you determine the Oseon scope suitable for your production and scale it as required

Machine operators: well informed

The web-based app simplifies your job thanks to step-by-step instructions

Logistics: transparent material flow

Control and monitor your material flow and manage your inventory.

Production manager: full transparency

You always have your eye on your production – which is how you achieve maximum tolerance and increase your efficiency

Production staff: digital aids

The app accompanies you throughout the working day, provides instructions and supports you with your tasks in a targeted manner

Hit the ground running with Oseon Go

You will digitalize and simplify the core processes of your sheet metal processing with the Oseon Go software package. The software experts from TRUMPF will explain how that can advance your company in a personal consultation.

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Oseon Grow

Whether Go, Grow or Flow: the flexibly structured solution meets you exactly where you are. As a sheet metal processor, you can use it to grow step by step and digitalize and automate your production as much as you require at the time. 

The Oseon Grow solution package integrates additional components as well as interfaces, helping the individual processes to work together on the factory floor. The software keeps orders, store and inventory synchronized even for complex requirements. It controls the material flow of your production, even a fully automated flow with automated guided vehicles on request. This means that the workflows in your production align like a winning team. The motto: higher, further, faster.

At the correct place at the correct time

Media gaps and false information can cause some productions to grind to a halt. Oseon digitalizes and connects the order and material flow. But above all, it guides users through the working day based on their roles. Staff in the production or store areas see on mobile devices what is currently important for their task. Everyone knows what they need to do. The result: your production flows – and you can respond to customer requests quickly and confidently.

CEO: cost-effective production

Optimum use of resources and profitable production, even from lot size 1

Machine operators: everything ready to hand

You always have all the information you need on the shop floor ready to hand in the web-based app

Logistics: easy to manage

Manage the material, inventory data and transport orders directly on the shop floor

Production manager: react faster

You can keep track of the utilization of all machines and optimize your production step by step with Oseon

Production planer: plan in real time

Scheduling production orders taking existing workstation capacities and feedback into consideration.

Would you like your production to grow?

You integrate further processes and automate your material flow with the Oseon Grow software solution package. It might be best to discuss with the software experts from TRUMPF how this can help your company grow.

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Oseon Flow

The path is cleared for fully automated sheet metal processing with Oseon Flow.

Oseon Flow promotes and consolidates the interaction between the order and material flow. Integrated and automated logistics systems ensure that your work steps flow seamlessly. You produce with foresight, drive and efficiency. You will easily be miles ahead of the competition with this as your foundation. The motto: energy flows where focus goes.

Fulfil customer requests immediately

The production and material flow control from TRUMPF is easy to learn and operate throughout, even in the Flow expansion stage. It is based on the fundamental idea of relieving staff from the burden of routine tasks and providing them with task-specific support as best as possible. At a corporate level, Oseon helps to ensure production is more cost-effective and customer requests are answered faster. 

CEO: cost-effective production

Optimum use of resources and profitable production, even from lot size 1

Machine operators: well informed

You always have all the information you need on the shop floor ready to hand in the web-based app

Logistics: fully networked

Manage automated large-scale stores and network the material flow intelligently; including stores and AGVs

Production manager: increase output

You can assess workstations comprehensively, analyze trends, and set benchmarks.

Good advice: the flow in your production

With Oseon Flow, you will enhance the interaction between workstations and the material flow in your sheet metal processing, up to complete networking. The objective: a perfect production flow. Talk to your TRUMPF software experts about it.

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Oseon Workflow

Oseon Go digitalizes all core processes in your production. 

Oseon Grow is an extension of Go in the areas of storage, logistics, and interfaces. 

You achieve a complete network with Oseon Flow.

1. Order preparation

In work preparation, production orders are created quickly and easily or imported via an interface and scheduled for production.

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2. Cutting parts

The web-based app on the tablet provides targeted support to production employees. It displays information relevant to the order and step-by-step instructions. 

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3. Sorting

Graphical support on the web-based app simplifies part separation, both directly on the machine and at a separate workstation.

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4. Factory flow

Automatic transport planning and ordering keeps your materials constantly flowing. You can check stock, know exactly where orders are and find out where they are required next .

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5. Bending

With the app, employees at bending machines receive all key information about production orders and bending programs. Reduced to the essentials and directly at the workstation.

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6. Welding

Oseon also integrates non-networked production systems into the production flow. To do so, the app sends all relevant to the machine operator's tablet.

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7. Threaded bolt welding

With the web-based app, manual workstations are fully integrated. Step-by-step instructions ensure a high level of process reliability, even for inexperienced employees.​

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8. Assembly

With Oseon ,assembly employees have mobile access to work instructions and drawings. This increases efficiency and process reliability.

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9. Analytics

 Oseon Analytics gives you a complete overview of your entire production line at all times with instant malfunction notifications. Comprehensive dashboards ensure a high level of transparency.

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Order preparation

Order preparation processes are integrated in Oseon. Interfaces enable communication with adjacent sections , e.g., programming. You can use the production planning tool to simplify production planning. It provides reliable information on delivery dates, taking into account workstation capacities and the current status of production. Paperless and networked with all production employees.

Cutting parts

With Oseon, production employees on the shop floor (e.g., operators of 2D laser cutting and punching machines) always have all the important information about their own production on hand. For a transparent overview and better process reliability, all feedback on the order is provided digitally. As a result, paper consumption is reduced to a minimum. ​


The app uses colored markers to show shop floor workers exactly which parts belong to a production order, assembly or customer order. For even more efficiency, the parts are booked on pallets or containers in the same work step and transport orders are created for the next workstation. This is a major simplification that increases transparency and process reliability.​

Factory flow

Manual and automatic transport vehicles are taken into account depending on availability. Logistics employees are informed about transport orders via the web app and are supported in their operations digitally. The seamless interaction increases the efficiency in material flow. Oseon also supports the stock management of manual, automatic or large storage systems - depending on the customer's needs.​


 Oseon provides bending programs suitable for the loaded production orders on the tablet or machine monitor. The availability of the parts to be bent is also displayed with the corresponding priorities . To increase flexibility, the management of bending pools and the assignment of a bending machine are also supported. Processes can be easily booked via the app, bringing transparency to the shop floor.


The web-based app shows employees all the information relevant to the work order at the respective workstation.  Loaded production orders and priorities, drawings, necessary materials - including storage locations and work and safety instructions - are clearly provided. Work progress can be conveniently recorded in the app.

Threaded bolt welding

Oseon integrates manual workstations holistically into networked production. Drawings and bills of materials can be viewed and material postings and reject messages can be booked digitally, directly at the workstation. Production progress is reported to the system via the app and transport orders are registered for subsequent processes through automatic booking at docking stations.


Oseon digitally integrates assembly stations into production. Operator's manuals and 3D drawings ensure clear work instructions. The availability of parts from upstream operations that are necessary for the production order are displayed via web app. This eliminates uncertainties. The system is digitally notified when the order is complete by the click of a button.


Evaluation options and status messages on machines and workstations enable a consistent and transparent view of your production. Use this information together with your employees for active shop floor management. Together you will achieve shorter production and delivery times and a faster response to customer requests.​

New releases of Oseon

Find out here what innovations the new release of Oseon has to offer.

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