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Real-time locating


No limits, only visions.

The powerful satellites for professional locating applications

Downtimes on the shop floor? Spending a lot of time searching for products? Uncertain coordination between AGV/AMR and employees in the Smart Factory? The solution: Locating data generated based on real-time locating systems (RTLS). With the robust and highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, the CorivaSatellite allows for particularly reliable locating in real time. The satellites are simply hung from the ceiling or wall and set themselves up independently. Satellites can be purchased as a ready-to-use product, as an integrable PCB or as a blueprint for in-house development.


CorivaSat can be used as ready-to-use products, but are also suitable for white labeling. Deeper integration into integrator products (e.g. with alternative casing) is also possible.


With CorivaSatellites, you benefit from industrial-grade robustness and radio range. The ready-to-use products are available both as simple office versions as well as industrial versions with a higher IP protection class.


CorivaSat can be attached to walls, ceilings or floors. Time and information data for calculating the position can be transmitted to the locating software, the CorivaEngine, via various data channels (such as PoE cable or WiFi).


Thanks to highly accurate synchronization of all CorivaSatellites and time-slot-based communication with omlox-compatible tags, the CorivaEngine guarantees deterministic behavior and thus optimizes frequency utilization.

How real time localization with Coriva works

Interested in infrastructure-based locating based on omlox?

Want to learn more about the first omlox-compatible satellite that is quick to implement and can even be individually branded? Contact our Coriva experts now to discuss your options with us!

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At a glance: The right CorivaSatellite for every requirement

CorivaSat with robust IP67 housing

Water- and dust-repellent

CorivaSat with standard IP20 housing

Smaller and very easy to assemble

White Label

Can be individually adapted with the TRUMPF logo or your own branding


Can be integrated into customized housings

How CorivaSatellites are integrated into the Smart Factory

With CorivaSatellites, you can have an optimal overview of your shop floor and countless applications can be mapped using real-time locating.

CorivaSatellite for your individual RTLS solution

CorivaSatellites communicate with each other and with  omlox-compatible devices such as tags, AGVs etc. via the standardized omlox air interface. The air-interface is based on established and proven radio standards such as IEEE802.15.4 and IEE802.15.4.

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