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TRUMPF laser marking systems are available in different sizes and power classes so you can find the ideal machine for any marking task: no mater whether for large or small-volume components, small or large lot sizes. All laser marking systems are easy, convenient and safe to operate. Great care was taken when designing them to ensure that work could be performed in an ergonomic operating position, both standing or sitting. TRUMPF laser marking systems are certified to laser class 1 - like a commercial DVD player. The laser marking systems can therefore be used in a plant without any additional protective measures.

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TruMark Station 3000 – simple and user-friendly

TruMark Station 3000

The TruMark Station 3000 is the compact marking station for small and medium lot sizes. The removable side transfer flaps, intuitive control, and wide variety of options make it convenient and intuitive to use. In combination with the TRUMPF one-box lasers it offers a true desktop solution.

TruMark Station 5000

TruMark Station 5000

The TruMark Station 5000 marking system is well-suited to laser marking of average and large lot sizes and components. It provides many options for simple operation and for a wide variety of workpieces. The comprehensive accessories enable you to configure the TruMark Station 5000 perfectly for your tasks.

TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks

TruMark Station 7000

The TruMark Station 7000 has the largest work area of all TRUMPF marking work stations, making it ideal for automated batch production and large lot sizes. Individual large and heavy parts can be accommodated inside the station, as can many small components that need to be processed on pallets.

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VisionLine option for image processing on the TruMark Station 5000
VisionLine image processing

Increase your process reliability with VisionLine, TRUMPF's image processing solution. VisionLine detects the position of the component, for example, and ensures that marking is performed in the correct location.

Alle TRUMPF TruMark Beschriftungslaser auf eine Blick
Marking lasers

TRUMPF marking lasers, available in a variety of power classes, are the ideal addition to your laser marking systems. Offering the standard wavelengths, they are perfect for engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration, and foaming.

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Industry solutions

For numerous industries, TRUMPF has tailored solutions and specialists with precise knowledge of the specific requirements and applications.

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