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Image processing for marking applications
Image processing for marking applications
Sensor system

Image processing for marking applications

Safe marking at the correct location

UDI marking
UDI marking
Sensor system

Image processing for marking applications

UDI marking made easy - our image processing for marking lasers supports you in all phases of the entire UDI process.

Keeping an eye on everything with VisionLine

With VisionLine image processing, TRUMPF is setting new standards in object recognition, distance measurement, user-friendliness and process reliability. VisionLine automatically detects the component position, forwards this information to the control, and ensures that the marking is always in the right place. Not even edges or more complex components present a problem.

Process reliability

Benefit from an optimum marking process thanks to the automatic component and position recognition as well as the auto focus function.

Ready for every task

VisionLine's modular structure with its individual functions can be precisely adapted to your task.

Highly integrated solutions from a single source

Enjoy the benefits of having TRUMPF as an entire system supplier – from marking lasers to process sensor systems and consulting

Easy to do by yourself

The attribute library supports the person doing the set-up work as they create their image processing tasks.

UDI TRUMPF marking systems
Comprehensive TruMark solutions for UDI marking in medical technology

TRUMPF's complete solution for the medical marking laser market offers a comprehensive function standard, which covers the entire process from UDI marking to image processing, data base connection and data capture using external devices such as manual scanners. The modular nature of software modules offers additional simplifications which can be tailored to special customer requests.

VisionLine image processing provides support throughout the entire UDI marking process with the options Detect, Model, Code and OCR.

UDI marking

UDI identification in medical technology

VisionLine facilitates automatic or manual positioning of the marking data, such as for UDI-compatible marking, for example, including documentation.

Marking of text and code using VisionLine Mark image processing

Marking of text and code

VisionLine image processing finds the right position before the marking process, and, after marking, checks whether the content and quality of this meets the specifications.

Position recognition and content check with VisionLine

VisionLine image processing automatically finds, recognizes and learns the component position and can read and evaluate content such as Data Matrix Codes.


Quality checks via VisionLine

VisionLine offers an auto focus function for the laser as well as separate focus position settings for camera and laser, making laser processing and quality control possible across several levels.

Readout on several processing planes

Bar codes, data matrix codes and texts can be read out after laser marking, their quality can be assessed and the results received can be reliably documented.

Processing large components

VisionLine can determine the distance to the workpiece precisely. With the stitching function – the placing of images in a row – you even have large components with high resolutions perfectly in view.

VisionLine Adjust image processing

VisionLine Adjust

The automatic focal position setting automatically sets the right distance to the workpiece. This means you save time setting up – a simple press of a button is enough.

Detection of characteristics with VisionLine Detect

VisionLine Detect

Edge-detection offers the option of integrating simple characteristics recognition on the workpiece in the production process for position correction. The appropriate distinguishing features (for example, blots, circles, lines or intercept points) can be selected from a template library for many application scenarios.

VisionLine Model

Image processing offers the identification of taught geometric features for position correction on the workpiece. It is easy to integrate the image processing program in the production process. Sufficient lighting can be ensured by the optionally available lighting strips so that the function is guaranteed even under difficult industrial conditions.

VisionLine Trace image processing

VisionLine Code

You can ensure that the content is correct and legible by reading back the marked 1D or 2D code. In addition to reading out a code, its quality can also be checked.

VisionLine OCR

VisionLine OCR offers character recognition (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) and evaluation of the system and machine fonts.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

Image processing for TRUMPF marking systems in medical technology for UDI-compliant laser marking

Lasers are used in medical technology to permanently mark products such as implants and tools. Markings of implants, surgical tools and medical utensils such as instrument cases must meet stringent requirements. TRUMPF provides turnkey complete solutions for UDI-compliant laser marking which satisfy the medical technology requirements for image processing.

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Qualification support IQ/OQ

You can count on TRUMPF expertise for qualification of laser systems in regulated sectors. Our trained and qualified personnel will support you in all phases of the qualification process – reliably, saving time and costs. 

Alle TRUMPF TruMark Beschriftungslaser auf eine Blick
Marking lasers

TRUMPF marking lasers, available in a variety of power classes, are the ideal addition to your laser marking systems. Offering the standard wavelengths, they are perfect for engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration, and foaming.

Medical instrument with UDI code, black marking with TRUMPF lasers
UDI-compliant marking

In accordance with EU and US standards, medical products must be labeled with a uniquely traceable UDI code (UDI = Unique Device Identification). TRUMPF can offer you the perfect complete package comprised of marking laser and software for this.

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