My TRUMPF User Guide: "My service calls"

In the future, conveniently manage your service messages with MyTRUMPF or create them in MyTRUMPF directly. What was previously only possible using the Service App and a mobile end device can now also be done from a desktop workstation. Regardless of whether it's a machine breakdown, a technical problem or a question concerning maintenance, our User Guide can help you find out step by step how service cases work in MyTRUMPF and how to quickly and easily create new service messages or track existing ones.

All the advantages at a glance

Save time by reporting all service cases quickly and easily online.
The case is submitted directly and without delays to the responsible Product Support Engineer, who then reports back by telephone.
Feedback in real time on the progress of your case directly in MyTRUMPF
Information about service messages is available to all MyTRUMPF users in a company.
Send service messages around the clock. Cases submitted at night are processed the next morning.

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How to create and view service cases

Creating a new service case

Are you having problems with one of your machines and would like to create a new service case? Click on "Create new case" on the top left of the overview page. A two-stage form will open up directly which you can then complete.

Entering detailed information concerning your service case

You can enter all details about your service case on page 1 of the form: reason for the message, machine or machine number, error number(s) for so-caseed Technical Guides as troubleshooting assistance, additional comments as well as images and/or videos. Once you have completed the form, click on "Next" on the bottom right to go to page 2.

Storing the contact for a new service case

You can then enter the contact person for the service case on page 2. The service cases are transparent for everyone. This means that all employees of a company can see all service cases in MyTRUMPF and the Service App - regardless of which medium was originally used to create or supplement the service cases. The stored contact person is the first contact person for our Technical Service if they would like to contact you concerning your service case. Once you have completed the form, just click on "Send" and the new case is transmitted immediately.

Quick overview of all cases, filtered according to user-specific criteria

The overview page "My Service Cases" provides a brief overview of your service messages that have been created via the Service App or MyTRUMPF. You can apply helpful filters above the case overview to display specific service messages. This allows you to filter according to the following criteria: status, machine, creator, reason for message.

A list of the service cases with detail view on click

All of your service messages are displayed on the overview page (created via the Service App or MyTRUMPF). Thanks to an intelligent reload function with quick loading time. You can sort your service cases quickly using the criteria of your choice, for example according to machine, reason for message, case number, creator, and date created. To do so, just click on the arrow next to the desired criterion.

To access the detail view of a service case, simply click on the arrow on the right directly next to the service case.

Detail view with case development and additional functions

You can see all the important case details in the detail view, for example case number, creator, date of creation, affected machine and more. The entire case development is shown at the bottom, so that you are always completely up to date. On the detail page you can also download technical guides, view the saved contact, as well as add information to the case, request a return call or close the case.

Available technical guides

If a technical guide for independently correcting the error is available based on the error number you entered, it will be displayed here as a PDF download.

Displaying the responsible contact person

The contact person specified for the service case from your company is displayed under "Stored contact". Our Technical Service will contact the stored contact person. However, the service cases remain transparent throughout the company and can be viewed by all employees of a company.

Adding to an existing service case

Do you have some further important information on a service case or even images which could help to find or solve the problem? If so, you can use the "Add to case" button on the detail page to add further information and images to a case. Simply complete the form and if necessary, upload images and then send off the form. The information will be added to your case immediately. You can also request a return call. A service engineer will contact you as soon as possible.

Closing a service case independently

Would you like to close a service case independently ahead of time? You can request this via MyTRUMPF as well. To do so, simply click on "Close case" in the detail view of a service case. A form is then shown in which you can enter the reason for closing the case early. Afterwards, just send the form and it will reach our Technical Service (highlighted in orange).

All videos about service cases in MyTRUMPF

"My service cases": how to keep an overview of your service cases and how to set up new service cases directly in MyTRUMPF

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  • Depending on the country, the display of the individual functions may vary. Please contact your MyTRUMPF support team if you are missing the functions specified here. We will then check straight away whether we can provide you with them.
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