MyTRUMPF User Guide: TRUMPF E-Shop

It is easy to order your Genuine Parts using the TRUMPF E-Shop. The E-Shop uses several intelligent functions to adapt to your machines and requirements. This means you can be sure to always order the correct parts for your machines. Our user guide will show you step by step which functions the TRUMPF E-Shop has to offer and how you can order quickly, easily and efficiently.

All the advantages at a glance

All Genuine Parts can be ordered online. 24/7
Product search to match your machines
Quick Order. Quick ordering using the material number
Article search using exploded views
Personal watch lists
All orders at a glance

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Ordering with the E-Shop: this is how it's done

Quickly finding the appropriate search function from the homepage

You can find all search options at a glance on the homepage.

  • Search for a product keyword and apply filters to find the machine of choice.
  • If material numbers are known, enter them directly via Quick Order.
  • Use favorites lists to manage and order products you require often.
  • Navigation among the product categories can be refined further using the filter options, taking you quickly to the product you are looking for.
  • There are also exploded views available for many machines.

Searching for a product using a keyword

Are you looking for a certain product such as filters, lenses or something similar?

Just enter your keyword at the top of the homepage and all matching products will be displayed. If you like, you can even apply a filter for the machine you are looking for. Then only the parts which are suitable for the selected machine will be directly displayed.

Entering your material numbers using Quick Order

Do you already know the material number of the part you need?

Then just enter it in the Quick Order field and the product will be added directly to your shopping basket. If you would like to place several parts in your shopping basket at once, you can easily upload your document (CSV file format).

Creating and managing favorites lists

Are there certain parts that you repeatedly order?

Then add the parts you buy the most to a favorites list. This can then be placed directly into your shopping basket - completely or partially - when you make your next purchase. It is easy to add each part to a favorites list via the list symbol on the product page.

Navigating to the product using the category

Are you looking for products in a certain category such as filters or lenses?

Select a category and the corresponding parts are displayed. On the product page of each part, you can see which of your machines the selected product is suitable for. You can also apply filters to restrict the search results to the selected machine.

Finding parts using exploded views

Do you know exactly where in the machine the part you are looking for is installed?

Exploded views are available for many machines. Using these technical drawings, you can identify the part you are looking for and then add it to your shopping basket.

Detail overview of every product

A product image, a short description and the corresponding material number is displayed for each part. It also shows the machines in which the selected part can be used, you can adapt the quantity as you like and will find up-to-date information on product availability. Your customized price as well as the list price are also displayed. Each product can be easily added to a favorites list using the list symbol. Add the desired quantity of the selected part to your order using the shopping basket symbol.


Further information such as a detailed description, technical data, information on service agreements, conditions for exchanges and returns as well as TRUMPF contact details can be found in the bottom part of the product page. Exploded views are also available for many parts which help during installation.

Checking and processing your shopping basket

Click on the shopping basket symbol to be directed to your shopping basket. There you can assign your products to the matching machines, adapt quantities or delete any parts you do not require.

Complete an order in just a few steps

  • Select the correct address for delivery and invoicing.
  • Select your preferred type of delivery and enter a reference code for your internal order management.
  • Confirm your method of payment.
  • Check the order overview, if required add a comment to the order in the text field and send off your order.

An order confirmation will be sent to you within a few minutes.

All videos on the TRUMPF E-Shop for Genuine Parts

Selecting products: How to select your Genuine Parts

Exploded views: How to identify your part directly on the machine

Favorites list: How to order your frequently needed parts in just a few clicks

Quick Order: How to order parts by their material number in just a few clicks

Order overview: This gives you an overview of your order and lets you know exactly when the part will arrive

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  • Depending on the country, the display of the individual functions may vary. Please contact your MyTRUMPF support team if you are missing the functions specified here. We will then check straight away whether we can provide you with them.
  • You can always access the User Guide via the meta navigation at the top right.