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Discover TruTools for your 2D Laser

Take advantage of this limited time TruTool offer from TRUMPF!  

24 kW of laser cutting power

Discover the highest laser cutting power from TRUMPF!

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TruArc Weld 1000
TruArc Weld 1000

TruArc Weld 1000

Quick programming and reliable cobotic arc welding.


Beyond the punch

Careful planning, state-of-the-art technologies and continuous optimization make the punching and punch-laser technology second-to-none in many cases. TRUMPF offers you complete support throughout the entire punching process chain. Find out more here.

Additive manufacturing

TruPrint Product Finder

Use the  TruPrint  product finder to discover which  TruPrint  machine is best suited to your application! 

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Customer magazine

Laser Community #37

Read the newest issue of Laser Community – our magazine for laser specialists. Learn more about trends, future technologies, new solutions and experiences from actual users. 



Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller speaks at the start of Bosch Connected World

At one of the industry's most important digital conferences, Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, CEO of TRUMPF, urges politicians to be more open to technology.

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TRUMPF improves e-car batteries with laser-driven X-ray sources

X-ray light generated by a laser to inspect core components of electric cars // Laser technology enables particularly brilliant X-ray sources for use in industry // TRUMPF is leading the XProLas development partnership // The other partners are AMPHOS, Active Fiber Systems, BASF, Bruker, Cellforce, Excillum, Ushio Germany, Viscom, the University of Hanover and Fraunhofer Institutes in Aachen and Jena

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TRUMPF participates in Hotstack development project

The development focuses on strong pulse energies and high pulse power // The project is co-financed by the EU


From office supplies to aviation - Filipino family conquers sheet metal production

Cherimel is a Filipino family business that uses TRUMPF technology. This allows Cherimel to respond to individual customer requirements.

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Photonics West: TRUMPF TruHeat VCSEL heating systems make battery production more sustainable

High energy efficiency with TruHeat VCSEL heating modules for battery foil drying // Next generation of innovative VCSEL technology supports lower power densities // Improved battery manufacturing process and product quality with VCSEL heating systems thanks to direct heat transmission // Live demonstration of TruHeat VCSEL heating modules for area heating and e-mobility

TRUMPF – committed to innovation since 1923

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The success story of our customer Webasto

Three high-end laser applications make Webasto's high-voltage heater for electric cars the most efficient device currently on the market.

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The success story of our customer VDL Technics B.V.

Hans Sanders, Managing Director, VDL Technics B.V.

What is the purpose of fast lasers, if my employees can't keep up with removing the parts? The TruLaser Center 7030 handles the laser process, including parts removal, independently.

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The success story of our customer TecPro Metall GmbH

Dominik Jordan, Sales Director, TecPro Metall GmbH

With the automated tube process chain, we offer our customers benefits in terms of cost and quality.

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The success story of our customer H&B Electronic

Thomas Weinmann, Additive Manufacturing Specialist at H&B Electronic

We have very high standards for the quality and cost-effectiveness of our plastic components and thus our injection molding tools. We could only meet these standards with the help of TRUMPF.

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The success story of our customer MERZ GmbH

Tim Ungerer, Head of Product Management for Sheet Metal Technology, MERZ GmbH

With automation measures and the introduction of Oseon production control, we have doubled our output in a short time.

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