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The advantages of our TRUMPF punching machines

Punching with TRUMPF is far more than perforating sheets and metal

Metal punching, slitting, forming, countersinking, rolling, marking, deburring and tapping: you can manufacture complete metal components on a TRUMPF punching machine. The technology is versatile due to the abundance of punching tools. There is basically no punching burr with today's CNC punching processes. Sorting and removal is also easier than ever with TRUMPF thanks to a variety of automation solutions. Punching proves to be a real time-saving technology for many applications – use TRUMPF punching machines for specific applications to ensure the future success of your company.

1. Geometrically perfect shapes

2. Versatile parts processing

3. Quick, quicker, punching

4. Clever concept

5. Safe processes

6. Make more automatically

Maximum strokes/minute
Tool rotation
Quieter punching

Classic example: perforated sheet

A classic processing example are perforated sheets: here punching machines outperform all other technologies in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. Find out for yourself!

  • Time savings in %
  • Time expenditure in %

Example: perforated sheet with 15,510 holes, medium sheet size: 2,500 x 1,250 mm, sheet thickness: 1 mm, bore hole diameter: 8 mm

Result: you save 76 % processing time with a single tool, and as much as 95 % processing time with a cluster tool!

Punching makes you extremely flexible – with just one machine, you can produce complete parts with punched holes, threads, and formed sections.

Denis Macak
Head of Punching Tools Production, TRUMPF

The right machine for your success

From setting up to punching to removing your parts, TruPunch machines are built down to the smallest detail to maximize your utilization. The result: highly precise and scratch-free parts – you can rely on that one hundred per cent even after many years of use. From the TruPunch 1000 entry-level machine to the high-end TruPunch 5000 productive machine, you will find the right machine for your application with us.

TruPunch 1000 (S19)
TruPunch 1000

The TruPunch 1000 is radically different. Your automation options are unrivalled in this class. Best of all: you can upgrade this entry-level machine to an equally compact production cell as your business develops.

TruPunch 3000
TruPunch 3000

Scratch-free parts, efficiently processed: the TruPunch 3000 achieves outstanding part quality and is your complete solution for punching and more.

TruPunch 5000, productive high-end machine
TruPunch 5000

The high-end machine sets standards: maximum axis dynamics make it highly productive, and it provides optimum part quality along with flexibility thanks to retractable clamps and active dies.

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