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TRUMPF Laser Amplifier for the production of high-performance chips
CO2 lasers

With its laser pulse, it provides the starting point for the future production of microchips.

EUV lithography – enabling progress in the digital era

EUV lithography wins the race for the microchip production method of the future. For many years, the semi-conductor industry has been looking for a cost-efficient and mass-production process to expose even smaller structures on silicon wafers. ASML, Zeiss, and TRUMPF joined forces to develop a technology to produce extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light with a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers for industrial use: In a vacuum chamber, a droplet generator shoots 50,000 tiny tin droplets per second. Each of these droplets is hit by one of the 50,000 laser pulses and turned into plasma. This produces EUV light, which is directed by a mirror onto the wafers to be exposed. The laser pulse for the plasma radiation is provided by a pulsable CO2 laser system developed by TRUMPF – the TRUMPF Laser Amplifier.

From a few watts to 40 kilowatts

The TRUMPF Laser Amplifier sequentially amplifies a laser pulse by more than 10,000 times.

Efficient and reliable

By emitting a pre pulse as well as a main pulse, the full power of the Laser Amplifier can be transferred to the tin droplet.

New application for the CO2 laser

The basis of the high-power laser system is a CO2 laser with continuous wave operation. TRUMPF is thus creating a new application for the technology.

A large network of specialists

Over their years of close collaboration, TRUMPF, ASML, and ZEISS have brought EUV technology to industrial maturity.


... make up a Laser Amplifier.

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... cable are built into the system.


... is the total weight.

Central components of the TRUMPF Laser Amplifier

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EUV lithography

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From laser processing to crystal growing, TRUMPF supplies the basic technology required to produce powerful semi-conductors in the electronics industry.

High-power laser systems for EUV lithography
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