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Advantages of laser tube cutting machines | TRUMPF

The advantages of our laser tube cutting machines

Economic pressure in conventional tube processing is increasing. With the laser you save process steps, expand your range of parts, and your design possibilities. This provides you with decisive competitive advantages.


Laser tube cutting is well worth it!


The laser can save you entire process steps – and money too. At the same time, you can expand your range of parts and therefore your potential customer base. The laser can be used to produce small lot sizes quickly and economically. Even individual customer requests can be processed flexibly and confidently. New design possibilities also give you and your customers decisive competitive advantages.


  • Benefit from contouring freedom
    The laser tool offers you total contouring freedom. It is easy to operate, meaning you can also produce small lot sizes quickly and to the highest quality standard.
  • Save money on tools
    The laser accomplishes many tasks that previously required several tools – this saves time and money. You can process various material types, wall thicknesses, and profile geometries – all without touching the material.
  • Reduce part costs
    Laser tube cutting saves entire process steps like sawing, drilling, and milling. This also reduces your expenditure with regard to storage and handling.
Norbert Beier

Laser tube cutting provides new design options which enable tube processors to delight their customers. Innovative designs also ensure a great potential for savings.

Norbert Beier
Head of Sales Laser Tube Cutting, TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG

The best advice for laser tube cutting

    How do you make the most out of laser tube cutting production possibilities? Gain knowledge and suggestions for parts and assemblies from your everyday production routine. The experts answer all your questions about part design – in a workshop at TRUMPF or tailored to you at your company. This is how you create new designs, inspire your customers, and lower your parts costs.
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Get everything out of your machine

Get started with your TruLaser tube machine and reach out to new customer groups. The Tube Application Center supports you on-site with tips and expertise. The experts identify and improve technology parameters, e.g. for special coatings and alloys. They also develop strategies that reduce your processing time per part and analyze and optimize your production and programming

Support for integration

Would you like to connect your laser tube cutting machine to your storage system? Do you want a robot to remove your tubes and profiles? We can help you connect to your individual storage or robot system. You can also discover software solutions that will help you to control your production process with ease. For example, with TruTops Fab you can create quotations and invoices, plan your production, and monitor and control your machines. With the corresponding app, you can also do all this on the move. The software can be integrated into your individual ERP system.

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