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The advantages of TRUMPF laser cutting machines

Wie Sie mit cleveren Funktionen die Laserleistung Ihrer Maschine voll ausnutzen

2D-Laserschneidanlagen von TRUMPF: Bei der Entwicklung unserer Laser-Flachbettmaschinen stehen Ihre Anforderungen im Vordergrund. Deshalb haben wir nicht nur die reine Schneidzeit im Blick. Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, das Optimum aus Ihrem System herauszuholen. Für welche TRUMPF Laserschneidanlage Sie sich auch entscheiden – unterm Strich erhalten Sie ein stimmiges Gesamtpaket: Maschine, Festkörperlaser bzw. CO2-Laser, Automatisierung und Software – alles aus einer Hand.

1. Set up

Shorten the set-up process and convert power into output: Intelligent functions from TRUMPF prevent process disruptions caused by typical problems in laser cutting such as contaminated lenses or incorrectly adjusted sheets. Here are some examples:

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2. Production

Quickly cut parts in top quality on your laser cutting machine even if you have little to no previous knowledge. Thanks to intelligent technologies, you can benefit even more from the advantages of laser beams.

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3. Sorting

After cutting comes the sorting: usually a time-consuming and tedious work step. Intelligent functions help you to minimize sorting on the TRUMPF laser cutting machine.

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4. Starting the follow-on process

Get the most out of your laser cutting machine by thinking about the next process step while cutting. Our compatible functions can help with this.

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Set up



Laser cutting of filigree parts and narrow contours in thick mild steel – the CoolLine function achieves this by keeping your workpieces at a constant cool temperature during cutting.

Collision protection
Smart collision prevention

Your cutting heads are kept safe: collision protection protects your laser cutting machine against collision impacts. Smart Collision helps to prevent collisions from happening in the first place.

Single-cutting-head strategy

Use the one-cutting head strategy to greatly reduce set-up times and process all sheet thicknesses with the same cutting head.

TruLaser Tube 5000, PierceLine controls the piercing process

High spatter residues at the piercing spot? Make this a thing of the past with PierceLine. Make precision piercing holes with minimum spatter residue extremely fast. PierceLine pierces only to the required depth. You benefit from higher part quality and shorter part times.


Automatically adjust the cutting parameters to match the material quality: With AdjustLine, you can reliably cut any material quality, while reducing rejects and material costs.

Smart collision prevention
BrightLine fiber assistance system

Use smart collision prevention to cleverly and intelligently prevent collisions and microjoints on your laser cutting machine: The order in which the parts and inner contours are manufactured is calculated so that the laser bypasses those parts at risk of tipping.

BrigthLine fiber
Sample part BrightLine fiber

Do you want to produce filigree contours and even the tiniest piercing holes almost splatter-free? By combining BrightLine fiber with your solid-state machine, you can achieve excellent reliable edge quality on all sheet thicknesses.


Starting the follow-on process

Faster and more automatic: TruLaser machines are constantly evolving

As a leading supplier in laser cutting, we are continuously developing our machines and laser cutting technology further. We are working not only on the speed of the machines, but also on the processes around cutting. How can I sort faster? How can I reduce waiting times? Two of our solutions are presented to you here:

TruLaser Center 7030: the full-service laser machine

The TruLaser Center takes over the full process – from drawing through to the sorted part. It sorts both small and large parts fully automatically and does so parallel to production. You do not need to choose between productivity and process reliability because you get both.

Active Speed Control: a milestone in autonomous laser cutting

The laser cutting machine of tomorrow: the operator stands at the controls and the machine works almost automatically. The first step towards this is Active Speed Control, a system that monitors the cutting process and automatically controls the feed rate. This produces a stable cut and quality – even when the sheet thickness within the sheet fluctuates or there are paint residues or rust on the sheet.

(Almost) endless possibilities: Laser processing with TRUMPF

Our laser portfolio extends much further than just 2D laser processing. Marking of different materials, laser welding and 3D printing are just a few of the many options the laser tool provides. Our 3D laser cutting machines are particularly fascinating too. An example is shown here of how a TRUMPF laser can make cooking knives really sharp.

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