MyTRUMPF User Guide: "My machines"

Keep an overview of your machinery in MyTRUMPF, too. You can find a clear list of all your machines in "My machines". You can then see detailed information for each machine with just one click. With our User Guide, learn step by step how the machine overview works, where you can find what information about your machine, and where you can download helpful documents, or remove or change machines.

All the advantages at a glance

Quick overview of your individual machinery.
Faster loading time and optimized filtering logic.
Display of the machine guarantees with start and end date.
Even more detailed information about each machine.

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All your machines including a detail view – here's how

Getting started and searching for particular machines

You can find the overview page of your machines in the main navigation under "My machines". The overview page contains a list of all of your TRUMPF machines. You can use the search function on the top right to find a particular machine directly using the machine number (highlighted orange).

You can also limit the selection of your machines using the intelligent filters (top left). You can search, for example, for a particular machine, technology, or for machines with certain service agreements.

You can also add a new machine directly using a form via the "Add machine" button on the top left.

Sorting your machines and setting as favorites

Depending on the desired criterion, you can freely choose how to sort your machines in the table header (highlighted orange). In this way, you can sort your machines according to machine name, machine number, year of manufacture, ancillary equipment, location, or service agreement from A to Z, for example. Furthermore, you can also display all machines marked as favorites one after the other.

You can mark a machine as a favorite using the small icon on the left-hand edge of the table for the applicable machine (highlighted orange). Here, simply click on the favorites icon.

Calling up machine details

If you would like to call up all the details for a machine, simply click on the arrow at the right-hand edge of the table for the applicable machine (highlighted orange). You are then taken directly to the corresponding machine detail page.

All the details at a glance

At the top of the detail page, there is a short overview of your machine: Here you can find the machine number, the year of manufacture, the location, as well as information on the warranty period.

Below this you can find several tabs with different information which we will explain in more detail in the following: machine equipment, mission reports, training courses, and Operator's manuals.

Using the "Manage machine" button on the top right (highlighted orange), you can open up a form to inform TRUMPF about changes to your machine.

My machines

Update machine

Has the location of your machine changed or are there other changes to your machine that you would like to inform us of? Simply use the form and we will change your machine information as quickly as possible.

Removing a machine

Is a particular machine no longer a part of your machinery? You can also easily inform TRUMPF of this using a form so that we can remove the machine concerned.

Training courses

Within the details about the machine, we also show you suitable training courses for your machine, which you can then book via our Training Center. Simply click on the "Training courses" tab for this purpose.

My machines

Operator's manuals

Do you require the applicable Operator's manual for your machine? You can also find this on the machine detail page. Here, simply click on the "Operator's manuals" tab and download the PDF by clicking on the download arrow.

All videos about your machinery in MyTRUMPF

"My machines": how to maintain an overview of your machinery

Manage a machine: how to change machine-specific data

Add a machine: how to add your new machine to the displayed machinery

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  • Depending on the country, the display of the individual functions may vary. Please contact your MyTRUMPF support team if you are missing the functions specified here. We will then check straight away whether we can provide you with them.
  • You can always access the User Guide via the meta navigation at the top right.