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The Service app – the app for your service messages

Whether it is a technical problem, software, a spare part or a question concerning maintenance: with the Service App and your free MyTRUMPF account, you can send your service messages quickly and easily to our Technical Service team at any time. And this is how it's done: just select the affected machine or software and the reason for the message, add a description and photos or videos and specify a contact person. Then you and your colleagues will always be up-to-date on the current processing status - via the app or the MyTRUMPF customer portal.

Quick & Easy

Save time by quickly and easily reporting all service cases using the app.


Send service messages around the clock. Cases submitted at night are processed the next morning.


The case is submitted directly and without delays to the responsible service engineer, who then reports back by telephone.


Feedback in real time about the progress of your case. Information about service messages is available to all app and MyTRUMPF users in a company.

It is so easy to use the Service app

Download the app via Google Play or from the Apple App Store.

Log in using your MyTRUMPF access data or register in the app or via the website.

You can use the Service app directly as soon as your access has been authorized.

Downloading the app

All the functions at a glance

Report and manage service cases

Report service cases on your machines or your software easily and quickly via the app. The transparency of your open service cases across the company ensures smooth shift changes. Just store another contact which TRUMPF will then use to get in touch.

Review machinery, including log book

Review your TRUMPF machinery and set up a machine log book. The log book is a digital notebook for your machines which can be used to document any events or information about a machine. This means that you can set up your own machine history digitally – across the company for optimum transparency and paperless documentation.

Manage maintenance and repairs

View information on your maintenance and repairs directly in the app or MyTRUMPF. Download reports on your maintenance and repairs directly.

Track genuine parts ordered through TRUMPF

Has a TRUMPF service engineer ordered genuine parts for you? You can use the integrated tracking function to call up the current order status so you know exactly when to expect the part.

Technical Guides: instructions for error correction

If your machine or software displays a certain error code, you can indicate it when reporting your service cases. In many cases, a Technical Guide is available to instruct you in how to rectify the fault yourself.

Visual Assistance: live assistance from a TRUMPF service engineer

We use Visual Assistance to overcome the distance between you and our service engineers. Thanks to our visual support with effective functions such as sharing or freezing live views or images, for example, we can work together with you to find a quick solution for rectifying your machine or software problem.

Further information on the highlight functions

Downloading the app

Don't have a mobile or tablet at hand?

No problem! Report and manage your service cases directly in MyTRUMPF from your desktop PC.

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Send your service message in just 5 easy steps

1. Specify the reason for your message

Is the machine down? Or would you like to order a spare part? Narrow down the problem using the default categories.

2. Select the machine

You will find all of your TRUMPF machines and software products in an overview. Select the machine or software you would like to send a message about.

3. Describe the problem

Giving a short description or specifying the displayed error number will allow your request to be processed even more quickly.

4. Add photos or videos

Upload photos directly to the app from your smartphone and use them to illustrate the problem for the TRUMPF service engineer.

5. Specify a contact person

Is your shift almost over? No problem. Specify the colleague that TRUMPF should contact.

All done!

You have now created a case quickly and in just five steps.

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In future, send messages quickly and easily via the Service app or MyTRUMPF

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Note: Please remember that individual functions are not (yet) available worldwide. Please find out more from your local customer service team.

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