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MyTRUMPF User Guide – software updates | TRUMPF

MyTRUMPF User Guide: "My software"

With MyTRUMPF, you can update your TRUMPF software products quickly and independently whenever you wish. MyTRUMPF provides you with the latest updates and service packs 24/7. With our User Guide, learn step by step how you can download updates and service packs.

All the advantages at a glance

Downloads are only possible with a valid service agreement for TruTops software.
Conveniently download the latest software updates for TruTops software online.
Use our service packs to ensure your TruTops software is always right up to date.
Information about the current software version of your TruTops software.

This is how: Download software updates

Via "Downloads"

To access the software updates, you have two options: either via our Download centre, which you can find in the navigation under "Downloads", or via the "My software" area. If you use our Download centre, you will find the software updates as the third teaser to the right (see highlighting in orange).

Via "My software"

You can also access the updates via the software overview in addition to via our Download centre. Here, simply click on "My software". As soon as an update is available for one of your software products, a note appears to the right beside it (see orange highlighting).

Selecting the desired software

In the overview of the software updates you can find all of the software products that can be updated for selection. You can conveniently select these via the drop down menu (highlighted orange).

Display of available software updates

Once you have selected the software item, you will be shown the version you are currently using, as well as the available downloads. Using "Show details" (highlighted orange) you can then directly access the download and the technical description of the download.

Showing download details and downloading updates

On the downloads detail page, you can download the update directly, as well as details about the download, such as an installation manual, the system requirements and more. To download the update, simply click on the download button to the right next to the download (highlighted orange).

All videos about downloads in MyTRUMPF

Downloading software updates: how to easily download the most current updates for your TruTops products

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