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From the customer inquiry to the dispatch of the finished part – the software range from TRUMPF optimizes your complete production process. TruConnect intelligently combines the software with machines and services to create tailored Industry 4.0 solutions for your Smart Factory. Using the TruTops software you can control not only your operational workflow, including managing your customer orders and purchasing processes, but also the entire production, simply and in a targeted way. You can see your production progress and the status of your manufacturing orders at a glance – and this online due to the direct link with the machine control.

Cost-effective production of small lot sizes

The industry is changing – the demand for greater product diversity, and with it smaller lot sizes, is leading to ever greater complexity in sheet metal processing. The challenge here is that the expenditures for your upstream and downstream work steps remain the same. Effective and highly flexible solutions are needed. TruTops software products help you to gain control of precisely these indirect processes, reduce expenditures, and produce small quantities cost-effectively. In addition, the production software increases the transparency of your jobs and reduces the throughput time at every stage.

The right software for every process step


To start production, you need to transfer your customer's order data to your production system quickly, accurately, and with minimal administrative work.

The basis for this is effective planning of production capacities with the aim of making the maximum use of your machines and supplying your customers in the minimum possible time. The TruTops production software provides a strong foundation for the efficient processing of each individual order. The PPC interface enables you to transfer your customer order data automatically. The order is then calculated and created as a production job. Plan the process flow for your order production with ease. You can access an overview of all the available production capacities at any time.


Large numbers of orders with small lot sizes – for you this means that your programmer has to program more quickly, and make no errors. At the same time, parameters such as the optimum nesting of parts to reduce material costs and anticipatory warehouse planning need to be taken into account. With transparent production planning using the TruTops software, you have plenty of time for efficient preparation for work. The TruTops software presents all process steps for efficient planning – from the 3D part through to the finished NC program for bending, punching, punch-laser, and laser machines.


Ever smaller series and increasing demand for flexibility mean that it is easy for operations to become hectic. The risk of errors increases and profitability suffers. You can counter these trends with networked production. Data exchange along the entire production chain enables optimized production processes with increased planning certainty, greater flexibility, and higher product quality. The machine follows the production plan automatically and continuously reports the order status. You gain an overview and prevent errors and delays.

Control and optimization

Small, custom orders often go hand in hand with rising quality requirements. In order to always produce to the highest quality, you need to react quickly in the event of an error – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to errors, downtime caused by processes also poses a challenge to companies. Shortcomings in the material flow often block order processing. A high level of transparency supports you here in reacting quickly to errors, as well as with optimizing your material logistics. Whether it is for the productivity of your machines, the materials and tools used, or the production programs that have been produced, the software evaluates the most important data and key figures for you. In the case of important occurrences, you are notified in real time so that you can intervene quickly and always make the right decisions.


However small the series, the upstream and downstream work steps are still the same. More orders therefore also mean more work for tender preparation, customer order management, and material purchasing. Through networking you can simply shorten these management processes and gain more time for the important things in your company. That is where the TruTops software comes in, to support you in optimizing your upstream and downstream processes.

Digital networking

The world of machines and the world of IT are merging together. Digital networking transforms your production facilities into a Smart Factory. You can wire all production areas to each other using a variety of interfaces. Individual components exchange information and work perfectly together – the high level of transparency gives you an overview at all times. You prevent errors, react more quickly, make the right decisions, and work more cost-effectively.

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