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Temperature control
Temperature control
Sensor system

Temperature control

Trust in your process with TRUMPF process sensors.

Always the right temperature

The TRUMPF temperature control registers the intensity of the thermal radiation on the component surface and controls the laser power based on the set nominal temperature. This ensures a visually consistent welding result on plastic parts and enables quick ramp-up to nominal temperature without any negative effects on the end result. The temperature controller can be integrated directly in the electronics of the PFO. The pyrometer also sits directly on the PFO – external units are not necessary. A quality data storage client can be set up for quality assurance. You can trace your processes at any time using the measuring data. Quality assessments can be processed further in higher-level production control systems.

Quality that is just right

The adjustable nominal temperature and limit value parameters mean that you achieve optimum quality.

Perfectly integrated

Direct coupling of the pyrometer to the optics and parameterization using TruControl.

Full transparency

Guaranteed traceability due to stored temperature data.

The trend at a glance

You can use the trend indicator to detect slow divergence of the process at an early stage.

Laser plastic welding supported by the pyrometer.
Laser-welded connector strip for gasoline control units

Laser plastic welding using the quasi-simultaneous method

With the TRUMPF temperature control you can weld plastic housings or plugs of electronic control units, sensors, and actuators with high-quality welding and a tight seal. Impurities or higher glass fiber content in the laser-transparent upper part are quickly detected due to their deviating temperature behavior.

Plastic welding with TRUMP lasers

Laser plastic welding using the contour method

In contour welding, the component is rotated under the fixed laser beam. The temperature control ensures a consistently high heat input across the entire seam point.


Compatibility of sensor systems

Processing optics

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