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Three questions for the Digital Transformation Officer at TRUMPF

D r. Ulrich Faisst is Digital Transformation Officer at TRUMPF. His mission is to advance the process of digital transformation at the company. But what exactly is digital transformation?

Dr. Faisst, why does TRUMPF need a Digital Transformation Officer?
Just think about Alexa, Netflix and all those weather apps: we all know how digital technology is impacting our private lives. Well, it’s exactly the same in industry. Digitalization is revolutionizing the way we do business. If we can seize the opportunities it brings, there will be major openings for us. In my role as Digital Transformation Officer, I help ensure that the company performs well in this strategically crucial sector. That means, for example, pushing ahead with the digitalization of our internal processes and improving digital services for our customers. That sounds interesting. When do you think your mission at TRUMPF will be accomplished?
We’re focusing on three target groups: TRUMPF customers, TRUMPF as a company and TRUMPF employees. We want to boost efficiency and reduce throughput times, both in the way we deal with customers and also in our own internal processes. And we’re looking to be an attractive employer for our existing employees, whom we’re busy preparing for the challenges of the digital world, and also for young talent from outside the company. So, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to work! We’re hearing a lot about new digital competitors coming out of Silicon Valley. How strong will TRUMPF be in a digitalized industry?
We’re watching the competition very closely. We’re confident we know our customers and their problems better than anyone else does, which means we can offer them better solutions. TRUMPF has a wealth of expertise in machine tools and laser technology; it’s part of our DNA. We’re in such a strong position that nobody’s going to simply pull the rug out from under our feet. The majority of sales will still come from machinery, but software and digital services are going to play an increasingly significant role, too. And let’s not forget about AXOOM, our business platform that will help us become part of our customers’ digital world of products. In short, we can and we will be a major player in the digital world.

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