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Power electronics

Technologiebild Elektronik

A stable process power supply is necessary for all high-tech areas. As a leading global manufacturer, TRUMPF Hüttinger provides current with the required frequency and power with its DC, MF, and RF generators – no matter whether for plasma applications, induction heating, or CO2 laser excitation. The newly developed inverter from TRUMPF Hüttinger provides the perfect solution for energy storage from renewable energies, and is seen as the storage technology of the future.

Product categories

MF Plasmageneratoren

MF Plasma Excitation

Technologiebild DC gepulste Plasmageneratoren

DC Pulsed Plasma Excitation

Technologiebild DC Plasmagenerator

DC Plasma Excitation

Technologiebild RF Plasmageneratoren

RF Plasma Excitation

Technologiebild Induktionsgeneratoren

Induction generators

Technologiebild Batteriewechselrichter

Energy storage system


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