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Deburrers | TRUMPF


Power your way to the top

In machine, railroad car, and ship construction, TRUMPF deburrers are just as established as in steel construction, in job shops for sheet metal processing or in metalworking shops. They produce straight as well as radial edges.

For the most diverse applications

For chamfering, rounding or deburring of end edges and for weld seam preparation.

No rework

Using deburrers, you can obtain an accurate edge of consistently good quality.


Perfect conditions

The process is fast and emission-free. The oxide-free surfaces are the ideal preparation for subsequent coatings.

Ready for use fast

The chamfer height can be set quickly and without tools.

TruTool TKA 700

You can generate chamfer lengths of up to 7 mm in angular positions of 0° - 60° with the powerful deburrer.

TruTool TKA 1500

The robust deburrer is designed for chamfer lengths of up to 15 mm and impresses with particularly ergonomic handling.

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