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ViBo poduct image front
Produktbild Infrarot-Beleuchtung, TRUMPF Photonic Components

Infrared Illumination Modules

TRUMPF infrared illumination modules offer homogeneous illumination with customized field-of-view at 850nm or 940nm wavelength.

ViBo poduct image front


ViBO stands for VCSEL integrated Backside Optics. This is VCSEL array technology that is advanced, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate using monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. The platform offers a top view that is 5 times smaller compared to other packaged VCSEL solutions. Furthermore, the integrated optics enable an inherently eye-safe system throughout the entire product life cycle. ViBO solutions are particularly interesting for 3D sensor applications in the areas of consumer electronics, automotive and other industrial sectors.

Industrial VCSEL Solutions (TO Packages)

VCSELs in a hermetically sealed TO housing allow easy handling of the laser diode and are suitable for operation in demanding ambient conditions. The products can be optionally fitted with a tempering system (TEC, thermistor). The industrial VCSEL solutions are available with polarization control and in various wavelengths such as 760 nm - 764 nm, 850 nm, and 940 nm.

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