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Would you like to provide laser applications with your machines and tap into new customer markets? Our modular technology packages, which are specifically compiled for the requirements of machine and system engineers and the applications of laser metal deposition, and laser hardening.

DepositionLine technology package

Tap into new markets with laser metal deposition – from coating and repair to additive manufacturing: With our DepositionLine technology package, you are provided with a tailored solution comprising beam source, powder feeder, optics, and nozzle.

Technology package for laser hardening with temperature control

Would you like to laser harden complex areas, without a build-up of heat? Then take advantage of our technology package for laser hardening with temperature control that can be easily integrated.

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Solutions for machine and systems engineering

TRUMPF solutions for machine and systems engineering can be used in a variety of applications – regardless of whether you wish to implement the products for the manufacture of components, or for integration into your systems. Learn more about the various application options on our industry page.

Laser metal deposition (LMD)

With laser metal deposition, the laser generates a weld pool on the component. A metal powder is then continuously added and melted on in this pool. This method can be used to repair components, for example.

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A one-stop shop for machines and financing: Our transnational financing solutions are tailored to suit your circumstances and market.

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