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Attractive pay and additional benefits

As a leader in technology, we depend on the excellent performance of our
employees. That's why we offer our employees a good overall package comprised of appropriate pay and a number of additional benefits. In this way, we ensure that TRUMPF is an attractive employer.

The overall package

TRUMPF employees talking to each other

TRUMPF is committed to innovation and has firmly anchored this undertaking in the company's values. We don't just stand for expertise and reliability when it comes to our customers and partners, we also embody the same values in our approach to our employees. As a family business, we create a trusting work environment characterized by openness, stability, and security in terms of our culture, financial package, and communication. In this way, we create the perfect environment required for fresh thinking and bold action in every challenging situation. We offer exciting positions in a variety of departments around the world, which drives our growth.

International outlook

TRUMPF is an international high-tech company with over 65 subsidiaries around the world. Our employees embody globalization as active, transnational exchange between our sites forms part and parcel of our everyday work. Through overseas postings and international project work, our employees can establish personal contacts with colleagues from different cultures and broaden their professional horizon. 

Corporate culture

Appreciation and respect are the most important pillars of our corporate culture. Our camaraderie and mutual trust are also reflected in our employer promise "Trusting in Brave Ideas". TRUMPF always encourages its employees to pursue new ideas, even when they deviate from the norm. At TRUMPF you can make a real impact, change things, and help to create the solutions of tomorrow. We think independently and take a long-term view, and can offer job security thanks to our financial independence.


TRUMPF is committed to offering its employees adequate pay. We therefore, always base our structures on the requirements of the respective task and regularly carry out salary benchmark analyses. In doing so, we also ensure that we offer attractive pay in the local labor markets.

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