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International work | TRUMPF
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The world is our market

TRUMPF is a globally active company with more than 70 subsidiaries in around 30 countries. Different locations and diverse cultures make international teamwork an important key to success.

International teamwork

Working together across locations is part and parcel of our everyday reality. Companies work together across national borders on a vast range of topics and so influence the global corporate strategy at TRUMPF. Developer teams work on a product from all over the world. Project groups and functional divisions transcend location boundaries. Our machines are manufactured and assembled in a global production network. In short, we embody and encourage internal globalization.

A TRUMPF employee is leaving a building

In order for collaboration across locations to succeed, it is essential for our employees and managers to be linked in an international network. We offer various opportunities for this type of exchange:

  • This starts with our stars of the future as part of entry programs or internships.
  • We see long-term overseas postings or temporary international project work by our employees as an opportunity for change.
  • We also support international and cross-country recruitment.

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