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The advantages of our 3D printers

Complex metallic components from our industrial 3D printers. Reproducible in series!

TRUMPF has over two decades of experience in additive technology. Not only do customers receive robust and reliable 3D laser printers, but also complete packages, ready for industry, consisting of machines, beam sources, digitalization and services – all developed and produced ourselves. This means that TRUMPF covers the entire process chain – from part identification to finished 3D print solution and beyond. This gives TRUMPF customers a clear competitive advantage.

Our industrial 3D printers make production more flexible and resilient. Production companies can respond more quickly to changed requirements. This makes additive production systems from TRUMPF the perfect solution for increasingly fragile, global "just-in-time" supply chains and production procedures in a digitalized factory of the future.

All 3D printers from TRUMPF are characterized by reproducible component quality and are therefore ideally suited for industrial series production. Thanks to a wide range of options, the 3D printers can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements. With the Multilaser option – several lasers providing light exposure within the build volume simultaneously – users increase productivity of their machines even more.

1. Preheating 500 °C option

With our 500°C preheating option on the substrate plate, you always have control over the temperatures in the process chamber, obtaining an optimum print result for your application.

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