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Rainer Berghausen

TRUMPF produces headgear of face shields for hospitals

M edical face shields are rare in Corona times. Together with a research association at the University of Stuttgart and other medium-sized companies, TRUMPF now supports medical personnel in hospitals.

At short notice, TRUMPF started production of headgears for face shields in Ditzingen last Friday. In the Laser Application Center, LAC, carbon parts are usually cut with the TruLaser Cell 7040 laser machine. The small-batch production of headgears for face shields is now running there. On Friday evening, the first 200 units were delivered to the Ludwigsburg hospital. Design, final assembly and delivery to the hospitals are being handled by the research association ARENA2036 at the University of Stuttgart.

Production has started after just one day

"The inquiry from the research association Arena2036 came to us on Thursday", says Richard Bannmüller, Managing Director Technology at TLD, "We have optimized the cut design of the temples and produced the first prototypes. After half a day we were able to start with the first series of headbands.

Ensinger Plastics supplies the plates made of polyoxymethylene, a thermoplastic for precision parts, from which TRUMPF now cuts 1000 headbands per day - no problem for the TruLaser Cell 7040.

Baden-Württemberg demands 100.000 face shields per week

The protective shields are required in hospitals and medical practices and are worn over conventional protective masks. Since these masks are now in limited supply, they are worn longer than they provide protection. The face shields thus provide an additional barrier against pathogens.  In Baden-Württemberg alone, the demand per week is estimated at 100,000 of these face shields, which are mainly used in hospitals.

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