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Wan Honjung, Geschäftsführer von Wansheng, mit seinem Team bei der Fertigung der Durchreichen. (Quelle: Wansheng)
Ramona Hönl

A hospital in ten days

A n emergency hospital has been built for coronavirus patients from scratch by 7000 skilled workers in record time in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Part of the team: The sheet metal processing company Wansheng from Jiangsu province that used TRUMPF machines to produce 164 service hatches in less than 72 hours.

The call for help reached the Managing Director Wan Hongjun on, of all days, January 25th. The order placed on the evening of the Chinese New Year celebration was to manufacture 164 stainless-steel service hatches in three days for an emergency hospital. It was to be erected and ready in the megacity of Wuhan, 1000 km away, by February 3rd. At this point, the city already had more than 1000 coronavirus patients - and the hospitals simply could not keep up.

The coronavirus knows no holidays

The next morning, Wan Hongjun met with his fellow managers and called the staff back from their holidays. A team of 60 employees returned that very day and started production of the service hatches. They were designed so that the hospital staff could pass medical products in and out of the treatment rooms without coming into contact with the virus. The solution was a box with two doors. It was constructed so that only one door could be opened at a time. The viruses stood no chance of escaping from the hospital.

Für ein Notkrankenhaus in Wuhan fertigte die Firme Wansheng 164 Durchreichen in drei Tagen.  (Quelle: Wansheng)

The company Wansheng manufactured 164 service hatches in three days for an emergency hospital in Wuhan.

TRUMPF machines were running day and night

Wansheng was ideally positioned for manufacturing the service hatches. Laser cutting, punching, bending and welding - Wansheng's machines have all the required technologies. The company owns numerous machines from TRUMPF: TruLaser 5030 and 3030, TruPunch 5000 and 1000, TruBend Center 5030 as well as TruBend 5170 and 1100. The staff did almost all the work on these machines. The systems were running day and night. In less than 72 hours, 164 service hatches were ready to be delivered to the emergency hospital.

The work: a matter of honor

Just a few days later, 1400 staff were caring for coronavirus patients in the first emergency hospital in Wuhan. "It was a great honor for us to support the doctors and nursing staff with our work at this difficult time. Everyone must pull together in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic", says Managing Director Hongjun. You can feel his pride.

Für die Fertigung der Durchreichen setzen Wansheng auf die Technologien von TRUMPF. Die TruLaser 3030 läuft schon seit zehn Jahren problemlos. (Quelle: Wansheng)

Wansheng relies on TRUMPF technologies for the production of service hatches.

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