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TruTops Fab Purchase module | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab Modul Purchase
TruTops Fab Modul Purchase

TruTops Fab Purchase module

Purchasing under control

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All purchasing processes under control

The TruTops Fab Purchase module supports you in your purchasing processes. You can create and manage your orders simply and efficiently. Using the TruTops Fab Purchase module, you can request quotes from suppliers or place orders directly, for example. The management of invoices, payments, and credit notes is of course also possible.

Automatic purchase order proposals

In the event of a low stock of material in the warehouse, purchase order proposals are created automatically if required.

Integrated supplier management

You have an overview of which suppliers can deliver to your required conditions.

Optimized purchasing

You can evaluate all your orders and your order behavior over defined time periods to optimize your purchasing.

TruTops Fab Modul Purchase, Übersicht Bestellvorschläge

Improved purchase planning

The system-based creation and management of orders in the TruTops Fab Purchase module creates transparency and greater efficiency in purchasing. You can manage your quotations, orders, purchase invoices, and the corresponding outgoing payments. Purchase order proposals and delivery dates can be generated based on minimum stock levels in the TruTops Fab Storage module. In the TruTops Fab Purchase module, the current status is shown and tracked for each order. You can see at a glance whether an order is on time or overdue.

TruTops Fab Modul Purchase, Übersicht Bestellungen

Order and monitor external production

Operations that are to be completed externally can be managed in the "external production" area. The quotation and order stages are created with the external party and can then be managed with goods receipt and purchase invoices. Once all of the parts in the operation have been booked as incoming goods, the operation is automatically fed back as being complete. Purchase is a TruTops Fab module for commercial processes.

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