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Original Easy Kits and filters

Easy Kits und Filter

Perfect cooling is crucial for the availability of your machine. In order to lengthen the service life of the resonator and optics, you should typically service the cooling circuit annually, thereby removing impurities and particles from the cooling water. With the Easy Filter, you can recycle the used cooling water in simple steps. Together with the original Easy Kit, you can clean your cooling circuit sustainably and optimally protect your components. TRUMPF offers the right original Easy Filter and original Easy Kit for every laser machine or laser system type. This provides you with all of the components required for the cleaning cycle, such as cleaning biocide and anticorrosive agent, together in a coordinated set – there is no need for complicated metering and storage. It couldn't be more simple.

The original filter cartridges consist of a covered fibre, whose fleece layers are fused securely to each other in a special process. This manufacturing process provides you with benefits: the outstanding strength allows the original filter cartridge to withstand maximum pressure differences without losing fibres. This means your filter components and water cooling channels are constantly kept free of loose fibres. The original ensures your laser/laser system or machine is ideally cooled for the long term.


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