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TRUMPF Photonics Inc.

TRUMPF Photonics specializes in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor laser diodes, laser modules, and coatings for optical components. Our mission is to be the center of excellence for laser diode technology and production worldwide. TRUMPF Photonics is the largest high-power bar-based semiconductor laser manufacturer worldwide. It also supplies high power and highly reliable semiconductor bars, single emitter diode chips and fiber-coupled modules to laser manufacturers worldwide. TRUMPF Photonics is located in New Jersey, USA and supplies the pump diodes for all TRUMPF Group lasers including TruDisk, TruFiber and TruMicro lasers, optical coatings and component assembly for CO2 and solid-state lasers along with beam delivery systems.

Our advantages

TRUMPF offers great customer support to achieve the right diode laser-based product for your unique application.

State-of-the-art laser epitaxy design, growth and wafer fabrication

Get top performing diode lasers with wavelengths at 793 nm, 880 nm, 9xx nm and 10xx nm.

Industry leading chip reliability

Rely on continuous verification for outstanding quality with high-performance, high-volume facet passivation technology.

Expert design and manufacturing of micro-channel cooling

Build on our core technology which uses ultra-low electro-corrosion, isolated laser coolers.

High-volume automated manufacturing

Benefit from significant investment in automated bar handling through assembly (such as die mounting, optics assembly, visual inspection) and testing.

Diode chips and bars

Chip on Submount (CoS)

The edge emitting CoS offers 10 W to 40 W of laser power with high reliability. 

Bar on ILasco

The module offers output powers up to 400 W power per bar using our proprietary ultra-low electro-corrosion, isolated laser coolers.


Bars tailored to your requirements in the wavelength range from 793 nm – 1060 nm.


Edge emitting multimode laser diodes at 793 nm, 880 nm, 9xx nm, 10xx nm wavelengths and up to 40 W power.

Laser pump modules

Single emitter module

Single emitter, fiber-coupled pump modules in the power range from 100 W to 500 W.

QCW stack

QCW high power laser stacks, achieving 30 kW per stack with a 0.5 % duty-cycle.

Bar-based module

Multi-kW collimated beam bar-based pump modules operate at a wavelength of 940 nm.

Industry sectors

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