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Our purchasing activities cover everything we require for the development and manufacture of machine tools and industrial lasers. We therefore, need motivated and reliable suppliers. They help us to satisfy our customers.

Our criteria for a joint collaboration

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At TRUMPF, we not only wish to maintain our position as a provider of highly innovative products and services – we also want to expand it. It is for this reason that we set high performance standards when it comes to selecting our suppliers.

TRUMPF suppliers must therefore, provide products and services that

  • are high-quality
  • are priced competitively
  • have low replacement times and a high degree of flexibility.

With their technical expertise in the key components and services, our suppliers contribute to the innovative strength of TRUMPF. The TRUMPF Conditions of Purchase and quality agreements ensure clarity when dealing with our suppliers.

FAQ on selecting our suppliers

How can we find out whether TRUMPF has additional needs in our area?

In the event of a tender, TRUMPF checks your company details to determine whether to include you in the tender process.

How can my company apply to TRUMPF as a supplier?

You can register on our supplier portal.

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What are the criteria for awarding orders?

Orders are awarded taking into consideration the total costs, the supplier status, and any available supplier evaluations. The aim is always to generate the greatest possible added value for our group.

Do suppliers have to meet any overarching requirements?

Yes. These requirements can be found in our Conditions of Purchase, which are available to download on this page.

What concrete steps are involved in ordering components and services?

You generally receive an official order from the Purchasing department. To avoid delays in further processes, you should not accept verbal orders where the Purchasing department is not involved.


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