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EuroBLECH: TRUMPF launches easy-to-use bending machine

Simple programming and operation via machine control system // TruBend 1000 offers ideal range of functions for companies looking to enter the metal-bending market // As robust and reliable as high-end machines from TRUMPF but at a substantially lower cost

Hannover / Ditzingen, September 26, 2022 – This year’s EuroBLECH will see TRUMPF launch a new and attractively priced machine for companies entering the metal-bending market. Featuring the new Right Angle (RA) control system, the TruBend 1000 is extremely easy to program and ships equipped with TRUMPF’s proven tech data for metal bending. Operation is similarly straightforward – thanks to the user-friendly interface. “Like all new entry-level machines from TRUMPF, the TruBend 1000 is precisely tailored to the needs of companies looking to break into metal bending. The machines are every bit as robust and reliable as our high-end models but come with a much lower price tag. We will now be providing even more solutions to help companies grow and manufacture competitively,” says Stephan Mayer, chief executive officer for machine tools at TRUMPF. A variety of machine types are on offer, with press forces ranging from 60 to 320 metric tons and bending edges from 2 to 4 meters. It can therefore be used to produce a broad spectrum of bending parts. The most favorably priced model – the Classic – costs around two-thirds less than the TruBend 5000 and therefore offers an attractive alternative for customers who might otherwise purchase from manufacturers outside Europe.

Easy ordering, rapid delivery
The new machine is available in two models – Classic and Comfort. Information on TruBend 1000 is readily available on a dedicated website, with customers able to order their chosen model directly online. And because machines are already configured, they can be shipped within just a few days. “Smaller companies want to get operating with a new machine as quickly as possible because, unlike larger companies, they have less capacity to process orders. Online sales of preconfigured machines enable us to guarantee rapid delivery,” says Harald Böck, product manager at TRUMPF. TruBend 1000 customers also benefit from TRUMPF services based on the latest digital technology. In the event of any questions or other issues, TRUMPF technicians can connect with a machine online and provide customers with remote support. The TruBend 1000 has features designed to meet the needs of companies starting up in the metal-bending market. The Classic model, for example, is equipped with the clamping system widely used in this customer segment. This means that customers can readily use any bending tools they may already have. The Comfort model comes with the proven TRUMPF clamp and is therefore compatible with TRUMPF bending tools. In addition, users have access to a demo version of TRUMPF’s offline programming software TecZone Bend. This means the machine can be programmed from the office while in full operation, thereby increasing productivity even more.

Perfect for simple parts and medium-to-large workpieces
The TruBend 1000 Classic is suitable for all companies manufacturing simple and semi-complex parts in medium batch sizes. The Comfort model comes with the TRUMPF tool system. This means it is also suitable for small batch sizes, as tool changes are quicker and more automated. This model is attractive primarily for smaller companies or contract manufacturers operating in single shifts. TRUMPF is launching the new machine series at EuroBLECH 2022. The initial version has a press force of 225 metric tons and a bending length of 4 meters. Further machine weights and bending lengths will follow.


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TruBend 1000

The new TruBend 1000 from TRUMPF is ideal for companies looking to enter the market for metal bending. (Source: TRUMPF)

Bent part

The new TruBend enables efficient manufacturing of simple and semi-complex parts in medium batch sizes. (Source: TRUMPF)

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