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Knowing where things are: TRUMPF launches new tracking software for manufacturing

New tracking software from TRUMPF Tracking Technology locates all objects whose markers are compatible with the open industry standard “omlox” // Boosts productivity, flexibility and transparency in networked production // Solution pays for itself after just one year

Ditzingen, July 6, 2023: With Coriva, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies – a company set up by TRUMPF in 2021 – launched a new tracking program for digitally networked production this summer. This software is the only solution in the world that can locate all systems compatible with the open location standard “omlox.” “Thanks to Coriva, users can track their entire production operations in real time without investing in a new IT infrastructure. This results in efficiency gains throughout the process chain,” says Daniel Bossert, Chief Customer Officer at TRUMPF Tracking Technologies.

Real-time tracking

Users wishing to deploy Coriva fit their production facilities with intelligent satellites. They also install digital markers, known as “tags,” on objects they would like to track within production. For instance, these might be orders, materials, pallets, containers, mounting carts, forklift trucks, driverless transport systems, tools or drones. The tags are able to send their live location to the satellites every 125 milliseconds. With the help of an algorithm, the software can calculate the position data for all tagged objects and digitally map the production facility in real time. What makes Coriva unique is that the software can even locate tags from other manufacturers; the only requirement is that they are compatible with the open industry standard “omlox.” TRUMPF Tracking Technologies employs ultra-wideband technology (UWB) for Coriva. This is ideal for the precise and robust tracking of objects in industrial environments.

Shorter search times, more efficiency

Coriva is perfect for any company that is looking to produce more efficiently using digitalization. Bossert explains that the potential is especially high for companies who manufacture small batches of products with numerous different versions and where automation is still in its infancy. Several customers have already incorporated the solution into their production, with TRUMPF Tracking Technologies able to demonstrate that the investment in Coriva is recouped after just one year. The solution enables a sharp reduction in search times, for example, and allows orders to be recorded automatically within the production sequence.

Thanks to standardized omlox interfaces, Coriva can be quickly and easily combined with software applications of other manufacturers, e.g., value stream mapping and manufacturing executive systems (MES). This further increases efficiency and flexibility. 

About omlox

omlox is a new location standard with a harmonized IT interface, allowing users to deploy UWB hardware components from other manufacturers. What’s more, all location technologies – e.g., UWB, 5G, RFID and GPS – can be integrated, with the software applications displayed via a standardized interface. Alongside TRUMPF, industry partners from all over Europe, Asia and the USA have committed to supporting it. The initiators’ goal is to make it easier for industrial customers to use hardware and software from different vendors.


Locating manufacturing objects

The Coriva location software from TRUMPF Tracking Technologies finds all mobile hardware components that are compatible with omlox. As such, users can locate all objects in their production facilities without investing in a new infrastructure. (Source: TRUMPF)

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