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Pay-per-part: TRUMPF offers new business model to utilize spare machine capacity

TRUMPF to launch novel business model at EuroBLECH // Pay-per-part exploits spare capacity of full-service laser machines // Customers pay only for parts actually manufactured

Ditzingen, September 21, 2022 – EuroBLECH will see TRUMPF unveil a new digital pay-per-part business model for its full-service laser machine TruLaser Center 7030. Using an equipment-as-a-service (EAAS) model, TRUMPF will supply customers with this high-output machine along with a material storage system. Companies will be able to use the TruLaser Center 7030 for their own manufacturing requirements. In addition, TRUMPF will have access to the machine from its Remote Control Center in Neukirch without the customer having to be present all the time. For this purpose, the full-service laser machine is fitted with cameras, sensors and remote-control systems. “With our new pay-per-part business model, we are focusing on our customers’ needs like never before,” says Stephan Mayer, chief executive officer for machine tools at TRUMPF. “We are helping them combat the shortage of skilled workers in industrial manufacturing and providing them with even more add-on services with which to boost their productivity and competitiveness.” With the pay-per-part model, TRUMPF will be able to remotely schedule and control manufacturing processes with the TruLaser Center 7030 and also provide machine programming and maintenance. In the event of machine failure, TRUMPF will be notified without delay and – in its own interest – move to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. This is because pay-per-part customers are only charged for parts that are actually manufactured. In tests with pilot customers, this new business model has boosted productivity by as much as 50 percent.


All-inclusive package for sheet-metal processors

In these times of skilled-labor shortages, many companies are having problems sourcing suitable employees to program and operate their machines. This is when sheet-metal processors can benefit from the pay-per-part model. The new model means that companies can operate their machines around the clock without having to hire new labor. It also enables automatic and economic production of small batches – provided that the minimum agreed level of capacity utilization is met. “With fully automated systems like the TruLaser Center 7030, the operator is not always in the vicinity of the machine,” says program manager Benedikt Braig from TRUMPF. “However, to be as efficient as possible, such machines should be operating as continuously as possible. If manual intervention is required, our remote pay-per-part team can respond extremely quickly and restart production within a matter of minutes.” Should it prove impossible to remedy the problem remotely, TRUMPF notifies the user and instructs them what to do. In addition, the team from TRUMPF is able to set up the machine to the customer’s exact requirements and leverage data analytics to obtain maximum productivity.


Greater customer focus

TRUMPF too benefits from pay-per-part. This new business model provides an in-depth understanding of customer requirements and thereby enables the company to undertake targeted improvements to its own machines and software. This, in turn, eases the development of new technology. Pay-per-part with the TruLaser Center 7030 offers an attractive option for all companies with full order books and a shortage of skilled labor.


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With its new pay-per-part business model, TRUMPF is offering remote operation and maintenance of the TruLaser Center 7030 from its Neukirch location. (Source: TRUMPF)

TruLaser Center 7030 with person

TruLaser Center 7030

With pay-per-part, TRUMPF can remotely remedy faults and failures around the clock without the need for an employee to be present. (Source: TRUMPF)

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