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Productronica trade fair: TRUMPF presents flexible automation solution for laser technology

Demand for automation is growing // TRUMPF solution increases productivity and quality in many industries // Robot loads and unloads laser stations with components

Ditzingen/Munich, 13 November 2023 – TRUMPF increases the productivity of its customers with its automation solutions for laser technology. At the Productronica trade fair in Munich, the high-tech company will be demonstrating what a possible automation solution for its laser systems could look like. "The demand for automation solutions is growing in many industries. The reasons for this are the shortage of skilled workers and the desire to make production even more efficient. TRUMPF is prepared for this trend; our laser systems are suitable for connecting automation solutions," says Paul Stumpf, Business Development Manager at TRUMPF. 

The automation solution on show at the trade fair consists of a TruLaser Station 7000 for welding, a TruMark Station 7000 for marking and a mobile robot cell. The robot independently loads and unloads the welding system and the marking laser station. The lasers weld and mark three-dimensional components, such as electronic components, pacemakers or watch cases. In addition to the standard solution shown at the trade fair, TRUMPF can implement further automation variants for its laser systems if required.

Automation increases quality 

With the automation solution from TRUMPF, users can increase the quality of their production. "Once the automated production process has been run in, human error is ruled out. The system works without the intervention of a machine operator," says Stumpf. The robot independently recognizes the correct component and inserts it into the laser system. A camera checks the component and, if requested by the user, confirms the exact position again and the laser then processes it. 

The automation solution allows users to set up their production flexibly. "If it makes more sense to assemble certain components manually, users can simply undock the robot cell and then dock it again. This is made possible by the electronic and mechanical interfaces on our systems, which are specially prepared for robot integration," says Stumpf. 

Many industries benefit from automated laser technology

Medical technology companies are already using TRUMPF's automation solutions. "Other sectors, such as the electronics industry, also benefit from this technology. We also already rely on our automated marking solutions for our own production of punching tools for our machine tools," says Stumpf.


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A robot arm equips a laser station

Automation solutions in laser technology increase productivity in manufacturing.

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