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Oseon Grow

Whether Go, Grow or Flow: the flexibly structured solution meets you exactly where you are. As a sheet metal processor, you can use it to grow step by step and digitalize and automate your production as much as you require at the time. 

The Oseon Grow solution package integrates additional components as well as interfaces, helping the individual processes to work together on the factory floor. The software keeps orders, store and inventory synchronized even for complex requirements. It controls the material flow of your production, even a fully automated flow with automated guided vehicles on request. This means that the workflows in your production align like a winning team. The motto: higher, further, faster.

At the correct place at the correct time

Media gaps and false information can cause some productions to grind to a halt. Oseon digitalizes and connects the order and material flow. But above all, it guides users through the working day based on their roles. Staff in the production or store areas see on mobile devices what is currently important for their task. Everyone knows what they need to do. The result: your production flows – and you can respond to customer requests quickly and confidently.

CEO: cost-effective production

Optimum use of resources and profitable production, even from lot size 1

Machine operators: everything ready to hand

You always have all the information you need on the shop floor ready to hand in the web-based app

Logistics: easy to manage

Manage the material, inventory data and transport orders directly on the shop floor

Production manager: react faster

You can keep track of the utilization of all machines and optimize your production step by step with Oseon

Production planer: plan in real time

Scheduling production orders taking existing workstation capacities and feedback into consideration.

Would you like your production to grow?

You integrate further processes and automate your material flow with the Oseon Grow software solution package. It might be best to discuss with the software experts from TRUMPF how this can help your company grow.

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