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Step it up a notch: with the TruPrint systems and the Multilaser option

TruPrint 1000 and TruPrint 2000 with the multilaser function are the most productive 3D printers for metal dental components to date. With this function, 3D printers from TRUMPF produce much more efficiently than with conventional methods such as milling machines. There's even more: the possibility of linking both machines to milling stations is another highlight. This increases the range of applications for dental 3D printers. We also have the TruPrint 1000 Basic Edition in our lineup. It is affordable and robust, intuitive to use and reliable.

TruPrint 1000 and TruPrint 2000

3D printing in premium quality: Highly productive and compact with the TruPrint 1000 or economically with the TruPrint 2000

The advantages of TRUMPF's metal 3D printers

Dental application examples

Dental product produced with the TruPrint 1000

Dental plates

The dental industry also benefits from the many advantages of additive manufacturing. Any desired complex indications can be constructed highly precisely and in record time layer-by-layer with bio-compatible material. The units on the substrate plate shown were manufactured in approximately three hours with around 1,200 layers.

Removable partial dentures (RPDs), printed with the TruPrint 2000

Removable partial dentures (RPDs)

The mere 55-µm beam diameter of the TruPrint 2000 laser allows you to achieve a very high surface quality and level of detail which is a huge advantage for dental technology. The low degree of surface roughness also saves times during manual post-processing.

Removable partial denture made with the TruPrint 1000

Removable partial denture

Using additive manufacturing, you have complete freedom to design and manufacture the intricate structures of removable partial dentures on the TruPrint 1000.

Individual single abutments on preforms

Up to 64 individual single abutments can be printed on one preform. It is easy to remove them from the plate. Only the patient-specific portion is printed.

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CADSPEED'S success story

Manufacturing dentures using conventional processes such as milling is complex, costly, and takes a long time. This is faster, more simple, and more effective when using additive manufacturing. The dental technology supplier CADSPEED with the TruPrint 1000 is the proof of this.

Laser metal fusion (LMF)

With laser metal fusion, the laser generates a component layer by layer by melting on a metal powder. A CAD model forms the basis for this.

TruPrint 1000
TruPrint 1000

If you need to produce small series or prototypes using laser metal fusion, our compact TruPrint 1000 machine for 3D printing metal components is the ideal choice for you.

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