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Sport is like production – making the right decision is important!

Those who want to be in top spot above their competitors have to make the right decisions. As a producer and supplier of bending parts, if you want to be in the big leagues when it comes to bending, you have to weigh up a few factors. What are you trying to achieve with your machinery? When is it worthwhile buying a new machine? What must the bending machine be able to do? Can your operators get to grips with the machine?

The decision is easier when there is a good range to choose from. You can find the right bending machine along with the right tool and helpful additional functions in TRUMPF's wide range of products. With more than 20 different machine types, we have the largest selection of bending machines on the market. We will provide you with comprehensive consultation and coaching on the line-up of your squad of bending products – this ensures that your decision hits the back of the net and you are ahead of the curve when it comes to bending

This is what decision-makers say

"Bending is a team effort – my operator must be able to quickly adapt to working with a new bending machine without the need for extensive training. If the machine is easy to use, the operator has fun, stays fit, and is always on the ball."

"I need a bending machine that provides me with good parts from the start. One that is at the top of its game in terms of quality. I cannot afford and do not want to accept waste."

"The actual machine aside, when it comes to choosing a provider, it depends on how fast and good the customer service is, and whether they can supply me with consumables and tools immediately."

"A lot of the time, I don't know what parts I'm going to be processing tomorrow or in a week. So for me, a good machine is a flexible one. One that can process a wide range of orders, even the challenging ones, and that always has the right tools to hand."

Facts about TRUMPF bending machines

Axes for maximum flexibility
Exact angles
Machine types – plus special machines

TRUMPF's machines are a game changer – reach your top form with TRUMPF


Your bending machine should be on the ball when it comes to delivering performance – it must be fast, provide quality, be financially profitable, and not present excessively high operational requirements

TRUMPF's machines, functions, and software are a well-coordinated team and lead your production to success.

Success stories

Whether you are just getting started, are climbing up the rankings, or are making a comeback – TRUMPF bending machines give you numerous possibilities in any situation to reach the big leagues when it comes to bending.

Bickel knows the score

Bickel Blechtechnik in Oberderdingen, Germany uses panel bending from TRUMPF and has been using the world’s first TruBend Center 5030 since December 2014. The machine now offers customers throughout all of Europe new production possibilities.

TRUMPF machines put you in a league of your own when it comes to bending

You have to be well informed if you want to make the right decision. This applies both to the manager of a team and to you as the production decision-maker. Discover the tried-and-tested team of TRUMPF bending machines and find your top scorer to ensure maximum success, and who will send you to the top of the league table when it comes to bending.


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