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Daniel Kurr

Digital doctor for sheet metal production: 6 benefits of TRUMPF's Service app

T yping "TRUMPF" into your smartphone's app store will instantly show the Service app. The application works like a digital doctor for sheet metal processing: Once downloaded, it helps employees to remotely heal their TRUMPF machines themselves.

Imagine a production hall with machines in every corner running at full speed. And suddenly everything stops. A machine has broken down. Until the cause is found or a service technician arrives on site, precious time will be lost. Wouldn't it be convenient now to simply whip out your cell phone and take a quick look at what needs to be done. This is what the Service app is all about: "The Service app enables in sheet metal processing what has long been normal in our private lives. Sheet metal operators simply enter a question into the app and immediately receive a solution," says Arun Anandasivam, head of the MyTRUMPF customer portal.

Six benefits of the Service app

1) Transparency when changing shifts
Transparency in production is essential to enable personnel to work well with each other. The Service app gives all users within the company access to reported incidents. This has the benefit of making available information on errors, machines, and processing status, for example, during shift changes. Contact information can also be updated at any time. TRUMPF technicians will then always be able to contact the correct persons. The app's transparency also helps production managers to get an overview of the status of every machine at the click of a button.

2) Technical Guides aid error correction
To avoid machine downtimes and to enable users to resolve minor problems themselves, TRUMPF has integrated Technical Guides into the app. Using the function is child's play: after entering the error code displayed on the machine, the system checks whether a quick instruction is available to rectify the malfunction. If such a "Technical Guide" exists, the machine operator then gets step-by-step instructions on rectifying the fault thereby saving time in the process.

3) Remote diagnosis using Visual Assistance
Corona has taught us the benefit of being at a distance. The "Visual Assistance" function also enables you to keep your distance. TRUMPF technicians can use the app to connect to a customer's cell phone or tablet camera and provide remote error-correction support. The Visual Assistance app has been available for some time and has now been integrated into the Service app. TRUMPF technicians can now contact customers via the Service app, send them a link to the Visual Assistance app, and start remote diagnostics.

4) Push notifications to cell phones
To keep customers informed, the app displays information on the status of an incident. Customers then receive push notifications – like those from private messenger and messaging apps – on their cell phones on updates and incoming messages from technicians.

5) Full history at a glance
What spare part did we order a couple of months ago? What was the technical problem we had six months ago? The Service app digitally documents all ongoing and completed incidents. With this history, customers and TRUMPF are able to analyze recurring problems on individual machines. Knowledge gained from the past can also be used to improve work procedures.

6) Assistance around the clock
Unlike conventional customer service, the Service app allows users to report incidents around the clock - including in the middle of the night. The Service app records the incident and forwards it directly to the service technician responsible. The service technician then contacts the customer the following morning and deals with the problem.

Maschinenbediener an TRUMPF Maschine mit Service App

The Service app enables customers to quickly and easily send their service messages to TRUMPF's Technical Service. "The Service has been downloaded thousands of times, making it a frequently used digital product from TRUMPF," says Arun Anandasivam, head of the MyTRUMPF customer portal.

Service App Technical Guide

Machine operators can use the "Technical Guides" to resolve errors quickly and independently. The error code displayed on the machine is entered into the Service app and the operator then receives instructions on how to rectify the malfunction.

Service App

Remote diagnosis and error correction using the Visual Assistance function integrated into the TRUMPF Service app allows TRUMPF technicians to connect to the customer's cell phone or tablet camera.

Service App Visual

The TRUMPF Service app is available for download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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