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CO2 lasers

Ten thousand TruFlow CO2 lasers from TRUMPF cut and weld in production halls around the world. Our customers appreciate the high reliability of the beam source – even for applications that require a little more robustness. The TRUMPF CO2 lasers are available in different power ranges from 2 to 20 kW. The wavelength of 10.6 µm is very flexible and can be used for different material types and thicknesses. The laser processes are stable, productive and low-spatter. Due to their compact design, the CO2 lasers can be easily integrated into existing systems.

TruFlow, reliable, robust and versatile


The CO2 lasers from TRUMPF are well-suited to efficient and cost-effective processing of a wide range of materials. With TruFlow, you can cut and weld two- and three-dimensional workpieces or carry out surface processing on these.

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Technologiebild 2D-Laserschneidmaschinen
2D laser cutting machines

Regardless of whether you need a CO2 or solid-state laser, we can offer the perfect 2D laser cutting machine to meet any requirement and can provide the ideal solution for any sheet metal type.

Hybridschweißen von riesigen Schiffsdecks
Hybrid welding

Ideal for tricky applications: Hybrid welding combines laser welding and MIG, MAG, TIG or plasma welding for special applications in steel construction and heavy industry.

Optikaufbau TruDisk
Disk lasers

Whether you need super-fine holes or welds on ship panels, TRUMPF disk lasers set themselves apart across the globe thanks to their superb component quality and reliable lasers.


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Beam sources brochure
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