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TRUMPF EdgeLine Bevel

Prepare the weld seam and automatically round off the edges when cutting

Preparing components for welding? Until now, this was only possible by hand. With the TRUMPF EdgeLine Bevel, those days are over! On this page, find out how you can automatically insert chamfers up to 45 and countersinks of various sizes, as well as round off sheet metals with sharp edges. In addition to eliminating manual work steps, this has many other advantages. Here you can read and see exactly which components EdgeLine Bevel is particularly suited for!

Welding preparation: Conventional versus innovative

At a glance: The advantages of EdgeLine Bevel

Faster and more efficient

As a supplier for the entire "sheet metal process chain", TRUMPF offers EdgeLine Bevel to help make production even more efficient for users. For example, the automatic weld edge preparation during cutting eliminates many manual process steps.

More flexible

Since the chamfers are automatically generated directly on laser cutting machines, there is significantly greater freedom of contour and of machining. In addition to chamfers, EdgeLine Bevel also automatically generates countersinks for screw connections.


Due to the very fast and simple programming, the EdgeLine Bevel function is even suitable for companies that only occasionally produce components with chamfers and countersinks.

Fewer errors

Thanks to the automatic welding edge preparation and the "round off edges" option, many work steps that otherwise had to be carried out by hand are no longer necessary. This reduces the risk of errors in production and improves component quality.

EdgeLine Bevel: Round off edges and insert chamfers up to 45 and countersinks of various sizes

Goodbye, manual chamfers – Hello, EdgeLine Bevel!

Do you also want to say goodbye to manual weld seam preparation for good? Our EdgeLine Bevel experts will be happy to advise you on how to apply edges directly and automatically during laser cutting in the future! Just get in touch with us.

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