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TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition

The highest productivity and best part costs for series production

The highest productivity and best part costs for series production

Broad range of variants in series production: many customers find themselves facing this challenge – regardless of whether they manufacture small, medium, or large quantities. That's where the TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition, a highly productive and flexible laser blanking system from TRUMPF, comes in. Sheet metal processors often use press lines for series production, but have to manufacture bending tools for each new product variant – an expensive and time-consuming process. Tool-free and flexible processing with a laser directly from the coil saves time, materials and money. But even compared to conventional laser cutting from the sheet, laser cutting from the coil offers massive advantages in terms of cost and efficiency.

Equipped with an ARKU precision leveler, the ARKU belt system together with tried and tested TRUMPF quality combine to form a highly automated, turn-key entire system with many advantages for customers. An innovative control was developed in collaboration with SIEMENS – from coil unfolding, aligning and laser cutting to completely integrated, robot-based component removal. All steps are automatically programmed by TruTops Boost, up to part unloading with the robot.

Lower material costs

Every sheet comes from a coil. Enjoy the benefits of a significantly reduced procurement price for coils as opposed to sheet goods.

Less scrap

Continuous nesting optimally utilizes your materials, which in turn significantly reduces scrap and thus component costs.

Shorter cycle times

Within one very short cycle (less than 10 seconds), new material is brought into the machine via conveyor, the portion that is cut is transported to the unloading place, and at the same time, the scrap material is disposed of.

Fully automated part removal

The integrated robot and gripper system allows for significantly quicker discharge times and flexibility when it comes to removing components.

The video shows a TruLaser 5030 with pallet changer compared to a TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition with coil loading. It also explains how automated robot unloading works and the respective advantages of the machines.
Partially automated functions make it possible to change coils in the shortest amount of time. While the residual materials are still being processed, the coil can be changed parallel to production.

With short setup times and high availability, you benefit from high cost-effectiveness over the entire service life of the system. The system is characterized by its compact design, high speeds, higher process reliability and short coil change times. Coils up to 25 t in weight and up to 2150 mm in width can be accommodated as standard.

Precision leveling system

The precision leveler from ARKU delivers consistently good leveling results for robust laser cutting. During roller leveling, the coil material passes through alternating bends, flattening it and lowering tension. The component can then be cut safely and then removed from the scrap skeleton. Steel, stainless steel or aluminum can be processed; higher strength steels are of course also possible.

Strip storage loop

The strip storage bridge supplies the laser cutting cell with material, decoupling the material feed cutting process from the material feed. The belt speed in the precision leveling system is reduced to a minimum, but never stopped. This avoids the risk of surface damage, such as leveling marks, to the strip. The feed rollers integrated in the strip storage transport the strip material into the laser cutting cell at high speed.

TruLaser cutting cell with TruDisk, including conveyor belt

The heart of the laser blanking system is a proven TruLaser cutting machine. The coil material is transported linearly through the machine, significantly reducing non-productive time compared to conventional laser cutting systems. This is made possible by a support belt newly developed by TRUMPF. While the new material is transported in, the processed material moves out, and at the same time the crushed scrap skeleton is discharged via a scrap conveyor belt. This increases the entire system productivity many times over.

Automated robot unloading

One, or optionally two, robots enable parallel-to-production unloading and precise, repeatable stacking. The complete integration of the robot kinematics into the control architecture eliminates the need for robot-specific programming expertise. The nesting of the cutting parts, removal by robot and palletization are already determined during programming in TruTops Boost.

Scrap disposal

Small separating cuts are made in the scrap skeleton during the cutting process. This way, the scrap skeleton breaks into smaller pieces during removal and can be disposed of in a cost-effective manner. The scrap conveyor belt can transport scrap out of the machine in three directions as required – either straight ahead or via a transverse conveyor belt to the left or right. In this way, scrap removal can be integrated into your individual scrap logistics

Laser-cut B-pillar

Automotive B-pillar

The laser blanking system from TRUMPF demonstrates its strengths in the production of aluminum or steel hot-formed B-pillars.

Automotive door ring

The TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition is ideal for manufacturing aluminum or steel door rings in the automotive industry.

Automotive battery tray

The use of a laser blanking system is also suitable for the production of battery trays in the automotive sector.

TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition
Laser cutting cell  
X axis 4000 mm
Y axis 2500 mm
Z axis 116 mm
Coil system  
Coil outside diameter from 800 mm bis 2000 mm
Coil inside diameter 508 mm / 610 mm
Unloading by robot  
Number of axes 6
Maximum carrying capacity 220 kg
Max. horizontal range 2701 mm
Repeatability 0.08 mm
Interchangeable gripper system  
Number of suction cups 48
Minimum part size 300 mm x 200 mm
Maximum part size 2500 mm x 1250 mm
Maximum part weight 100 kg


Brushing station

The brushing station continuously removes sticking slag from the slats, thereby reducing machine downtime to a minimum.


PierceLine monitors and controls the piercing process. This saves material and preserves the machine, increasing part quality and shortening the piercing time by up to 80%.


Winders' carrying capacity up to 25 t

By extending the carrying capacity of the winders to 25 t, you reduce the number of coil changes and thus increase productivity.

Second unloading robot

An additional robot increases flexibility in the material flow and significantly shortens unloading times.

Crop shears

The crop shears simplify the disposal of the often dirty first winding of a coil and, if necessary, allow coils to be replaced without having to rewind them

Coil width up to 2150 mm

The larger coil width means that even large components can be nested efficiently.

Scrap disposal

The residual cut material is efficiently transported to the container via waste conveyor belts. The system can be flexibly integrated into your scrap logistics.

Storage connection

Benefit from automated component storage via warehouse systems. Cut parts can be automatically returned to warehouse systems, for example to feed them to further production steps later such as automated press brakes.

Automatic nozzle changer

Through program control, the automatic nozzle changer inserts the correct nozzle. Worn nozzles can also be replaced automatically.

Process reliability and operator support

Collision protection

Collision protection for your cutting head guarantees the highest process reliability. You benefit from shorter non-productive times due to increased machine availability. In the event of collisions, damage to the cutting head is avoided.

Online condition check, protective glass

Clean protective glass ensures high cut quality for the long term. A sensor permanently monitors the condition of the protective glass so that you know when it must be changed. Cleaning and replacement are only performed when required, saving costs.


AdjustLine enables the easy adjustment of the cutting process to materials of different quality. The function increases process reliability, above all when cutting material of a poor quality. For you this means less scrap and lower material costs. The operator can switch AdjustLine on or off at any time – programming is not required.

MobileControl app

With the MobileControl app, you can operate and monitor your machines easily and with flexibility as the app transmits the interface of the standard control panel onto the touch screen of your tablet PC. The app enables you to view different machine information at various places in the machine work environment or to change the program.

Dot Matrix Code

The Dot Matrix Code function facilitates fast, process reliable part identification with a standardized industrial code. Within seconds, the laser in your flatbed laser machine applies a 2D code (data matrix) made out of dots onto a part. It contains information for the process chain. The code calls up the corresponding program at the next machine, for example.

Touchpoint HMI

The user interface, which has won numerous awards, makes the machine particularly easy to use. Tasks are completed considerably faster. New functions can be learned intuitively via the large touch display.


EdgeLine Bevel

The EdgeLine Bevel function can now do even more: Cut chamfers and indentations, and round off edges directly on your laser cutting machine. You can thus reduce the amount of work required for additional process steps and prevent sharp-edged sheet metal. Simple and quick programming from EdgeLine Bevel supports your range of applications. This specifically means that you can process chamfers with different angles and indentations in several sizes. In addition, rounded edges improve the visual appearance of your components and reduce the risk of cuts.

TruTops Boost

Construct and program your laser machines intelligently with TruTops Boost, your all-in-one 3D solution. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes. You also always have an overview of all manufacturing orders and order-based work.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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