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TruTops Boost Key Visual
TruTops Boost Key Visual

TruTops Boost

Boost your business

From the geometry to the NC program faster than ever before

TruTops Boost is the unique software for 2D/3D design and programming of laser, punching, and bending machines, which boosts your performance at the touch of a button. Become more profitable! Boost your business.

Numerous automated processes

Activate the Boost button for a quicker process from the geometry to the NC program.

Perfectly organized

Focus on the right orders and always have an overview of their status.

Better material utilization

Use your material more efficiently with a shared order pool and the new Lean Nest nesting processor.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Mark your parts automatically with dynamic values for part tracking and production control.

Tap into growth prospects

TruTops Boost can be easily expanded into a production system by using additional options.

Process assemblies more efficiently

Import and disassemble 2D/3D assemblies easily with the Boost automation.

New release of TruTops Boost

Find out here what innovations there are for you in the current release of TruTops Boost.

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Improve your performance with a click

The all-in-one solution enables you to cover several process steps and work consistently. All of the steps in an order are included, from the 2D/3D part to the finished NC program for bending, punching, and laser programs. 

Here, the software takes into account dependencies between the linked Bend and Cut technologies, as well as the design and ensures a fast production process. 

The result is consistent software with networked intelligence – which ensures the perfect interaction between the software and the machine.

Operating philosophy

HomeZone: processing the order 

HomeZone: processing the part 

TecZone Bend

Five easy steps to the NC program

TruTops Boost, 5 simple steps

Boost technology

TruTops Boost button

The performance kick at the touch of a button: with the Boost button, you can control and program your tasks interactively, in next to no time. TruTops Boost revolutionizes your work with automated processes, regardless of the technology being used. This means the innovative software very easily provides you with suggestions for solutions. Recurring orders are recognized and can be optimally programmed to a consistently high quality. The new Lean Nest nesting processor and the optimized nesting algorithms allow you to use the material perfectly, thereby reducing costs. This is because the processor takes the nesting parameters of the job into account, such as the start corner, parts distances, and sheet margins. Lean Nest and the previous nesting profiles are activated as standard. TruTops Boost provides the best results, automatically.

New Lean Nest nesting processor: better sheet layouts in less time

TruTops Boost HomeZone

TruTops Boost as the nucleus for networking production

The combined management of order, parts, and material data with TruTops Boost and QuickJob provides an easy starting point for production control. 

You can expand your TruTops Boost to suit your requirements perfectly. Options such as the (remaining) material stock management help you maintain an overview of your material stock. The part separation helps you with faster sorting at the laser machine.

You can use the modules to expand your programming system for complete production control. All sub-steps from tender preparation and production control, to stock maintenance and delivery can therefore, be covered.

TruTops Boost with TecZone Bend

The combination of TruTops Boost and TecZone Bend mean you benefit from a wide range of advantages. Starting with the highest performance when calculating the program, to the real-time collision check, and the intuitive operation and ideal integration of information relevant to cutting – secure your competitive edge.

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