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ShearMaster | TRUMPF
ShearMaster, shredding scrap skeletons
ShearMaster, shredding scrap skeletons


Shredding scrap skeletons

Shred scrap skeletons automatically and safely

The ShearMaster guarantees optimal scrap skeleton handling with your TruPunch 5000 and TruMatic 7000. It shreds scrap skeletons automatically, parallel to production, making the disposal of scrap material significantly easier. The scrap skeleton is pulled from the machine onto the conveyor table of the ShearMaster and divided into easy to handle strips.

Easy to integrate

The ShearMaster can easily be connected to your TruPunch 5000 and TruMatic 7000.

Higher machine utilization rate

The ShearMaster shreds scrap skeletons in an automatic and process-reliable fashion even during unmanned night shifts.

Safe handling

The ShearMaster removes scrap skeletons, unattended, and shreds them into easy-to-handle strips.

ShearMaster medium format
ShearMaster large format
ShearMaster oversize format
Scrap, scrap skeleton    
Aluminum sheet thickness 0.5 mm bis 4 mm 0.5 mm bis 4 mm 0.5 mm bis 4 mm
Sheet thickness, mild steel 0.5 mm bis 4 mm 0.5 mm bis 4 mm 0.5 mm bis 4 mm
Stainless steel sheet thickness 0.5 mm bis 2 mm 0.5 mm bis 2 mm 0.5 mm bis 2 mm
Max. scrap size 400 mm x 100 mm 400 mm x 100 mm 400 mm x 100 mm

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