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The path to becoming a specialist for tricky tube designs with the TruLaser Tube 7000

Tobias Richter invested in a TruLaser Tube 7000 around four years ago. Since then, the workforce of the previously three-person company has more than doubled, and the company, ProfiLaseRichter, based in Chemnitz in Saxony, Germany, has grown to become a specialist for complex tube designs.

Specialization pays off

Tobias Richter took a brave step – he concentrated on laser tube cutting with a single TruLaser Tube 7000. The plan worked because, according to Richter, using the laser really pays off, particularly in somewhat more complicated applications, such as creating contours. He now produces for job shops that specialize in 2D pre-cut parts and need tubes to be able to provide assemblies. However, his customers also include metalworkers, furniture makers, and vehicle manufacturers.

Less time, more flexibility

Since ProfiLaseRichter has been working with the TruLaser Tube 7000, it hasn't just reduced the time required for set up dramatically. Automation of the machine which, for example, allows tube bundles to be loaded and cross-sections and rod lengths to be measured parallel to production, save the company throughput time and allows it to deliver more quickly. Richter and his customers also benefit from flexibility in the part design which, for example, allows a bevel cut function.

Get customers enthusiastic about new tube designs

With the TruLaser Tube 7000, the tube specialists from ProfiLaseRichter have options that many customers are not even aware of yet, for example bend connections or positioning aids with pins and openings that make assembly easier, as well as coding aids that also eliminate assembly errors. An employee has also developed an individual solution for exceptionally complex designs and a connection between the tube nesting and a user-programmed database. This all means they have successfully been able to provide services that go beyond the regular standard services.