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Regardless how networked you already are, the goal is clear: the ability to handle the increased complexity and decreased lot sizes in sheet metal processing. We will accompany you step by step through your Smart Factory journey with our solutions. No two paths are the same: the components are combined to create the ideal solution for your requirements. 


We create transparency: regarding the productivity of the entire shop floor and the status of your TRUMPF machinery

Clarity and flexibility

Provides clarity and flexibility: saves real cash and valuable time thanks to data-based analysis

Easy integration

Simplifies the integration of TRUMPF machines and third-party machines into monitoring systems, regardless of the age, manufacturer, or technology of your machines

Easier condition monitoring

Facilitates condition monitoring and analysis by monitoring products, or the provision of data for local systems

Connect TRUMPF machines to your individual monitoring system

Most current machine tools from TRUMPF have the option of establishing OPC UA-based communication using interfaces. For older machines, we offer the OPC UA Retrofit Extension Cube. Based on your machine status data, you receive analyses in the form of dashboards along with action recommendations for faster problem solving. This gives you transparency regarding machine status and allows you to maximize your machine availability. With the interface for the production status, for example, you receive information which can be used to detect the capacity utilization of your machines and for processing in your individual software system.​

OPC UA: Interface for your networked production

Imagine if you could continuously evaluate your machine data. An OPC UA interface makes this possible: It connects your TRUMPF machine with your monitoring system and paves the way for digital networking. The interface is based on OPC UA, a globally used standard for industrial communication. The collated data will provide you with a transparent overview of the state of your machine, optimize processes, and prevent downtimes. Learn more about the benefits of OPC UA:


OPC UA stands for Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture. It is a standard used for industrial communication in Industry 4.0 that operates independently of the manufacturer and platform. It enables data and applications to be accessed on a vertical and horizontal level. Vertical means from machines or field devices through to the cloud, while horizontal means from machine to machine (M2M).
It does not matter which operating system, application, or programming language you are using: OPC UA operates independently as an open communication standard. Your advantage: Secure communication directly in the protocol without additional hardware. OPC UA integrates security mechanisms for the encryption, marking, and authentication. In short: OPC UA offers the best requirements for industrial networking and digitization.

Who owns OPC UA?

OPC UA is a standard that was developed by the OPC Foundation. The OPC Foundation is a global organization that collaborates with users and manufacturers. Its aim is to continuously improve the open standard OPC UA and to adapt it to market requirements. The standard operates independently of manufacturers or platforms.

How safe is OPC UA?

When it comes to data security and data protection, the standard offers lots of security mechanisms including electronic certificates and access rights. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) certified the OPC UA standard back in 2015. You do not require any additional hardware to exchange the production data in compliance with data protection laws.

What does OPC UA mean for TRUMPF?

The OPC UA signals fit together semantically and can be used to implement different applications (e.g. to monitor your machines). The TRUMPF interfaces are standardized for all of the machines of the TRUMPF Group.

Digital enhancement of the machine, key visual

Connect your TRUMPF machine to your monitoring system

Current machine tools from TRUMPF are able to establish communication based on OPC UA as standard. An Extension Cube mit OPC UA retrofit option is provided for older machines. All of the TRUMPF machines can thus be connected to your monitoring system. You can analyze the recorded data and maximize the machine availability based on this.

Use the standardized data exchange with current TRUMPF machines

The OPC UA interface is a machine option, which is best ordered directly with your new machine. Alternatively, it can subsequently be activated on site via Remote Support or by a TRUMPF service engineer.

TruConnect, Retrofit Cube

The OPC UA Retrofit Extension Cube integrates older TRUMPF machines into your monitoring system

Machines without interfaces for standardized data exchange, due to their age, require the OPC UA Retrofit Extension Cube. It provides the proprietary digital interfaces, even for software from third-party suppliers. The system consists of an industrial PC with an OPC UA interface. As soon as it is connected and configured, it provides you with the available signals locally.​

Connect machines from third-party suppliers with the world of TRUMPF

Do you need transparency for your entire machine pool, regardless of manufacturer or age of your machine? No problem, our Basic Connectivity Kit​ offers a solution for your production.

TruConnect Connectivity Kit

The Basic Connectivity Kit integrates machines from third-party suppliers and older TRUMPF machines into Oseon Analytics

Once it is installed, the Basic Connectivity Kit provides signals depending on the operating status of the machine - and that with amazing simplicity: "Machine is idle without malfunction", "Machine is idle with malfunction", "Machine is producing". Oseon Analytics interprets this information and visualizes it in the same way as your other machines in the dashboard. This works around the clock at all workstations in your production. Of course, new TRUMPF machine tools are integrated into Oseon Analytics as standard.​

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