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A safe pair of hands: security thanks to innovation and flexible production processes

Arcas Ollé purchased their first TRUMPF machine in 2017 and has modernized their secure production process since then by relying on laser technology and the latest TRUMPF bending machines. Automation is the next project the company is awaiting with anticipation.

Arcas Ollé is a family company that has been dedicated to the production of safes since 1845. Today, the company is led by the fifth generation of the family, who are determined to secure the brand's prestige, continuing to rely on technology, quality, innovation and service. As a leading company in the industry, they count on constant innovation and apply the newest technologies in their production processes. The challenges of the future created by a global and constantly developing market are an incentive to continue to develop new products to meet the needs of the customers.

Safe manufacturer
Number of employees
Barcelona (Spain)
TRUMPF products
  • TruBend 7050
  • TruLaser 1030 fiber
  • TruBend 3100
  • Bending
  • Laser cutting


"The greatest challenge for our company is offering our customers products that meet their needs," says Joan Ollé, product manager for Arcas Ollé. "These days, customers need tailor-made products, and in many cases in small series," continues Ollé. In view of the need for more flexible development and manufacture of new products, the company chose TRUMPF to modernize their entire machinery and increase productivity in their product manufacture.

We chose TRUMPF when we modernized our machinery because the company has a perfectly coordinated planning system, from the design of the part to development and nesting to final processing of the part.

Joan Ollé
Product manager for Arcas Ollé


The Arcas Ollé team trust in the high reliability of TRUMPF's processes as this gives them comprehensive control over the planning system: from the design of the part to development, nesting and ultimately final processing of the part. "The great advantage for us in the Department for Research, Development and Innovation is that we know that when we have the finished product in our hands, our ideas will have been incorporated in the design exactly as we conceived it," says Xavier Ollé, Department for Research, Development and Innovation at Arcas Ollé.



Arcas Ollé has gained flexibility and safety in their production processes by modernizing their machinery. The bending machine TruBend 7050 makes it possible for its operators to quickly and intuitively bend parts as it guides the individual steps at all times. This means that the operators only have to set the parts. Furthermore, the laser cutting machine offers a high degree of reliability in their production processes and makes it possible for them to more than satisfy their customers' increasingly stringent quality requirements.


One of the company's most anticipated projects in the near future is the automation of their new TRUMPF machinery. One of the main reasons for this step is to increase performance and productivity in order to meet their customers' growing demands. "TRUMPF gives us security and reliability. A company at the top of its sector is making our company one of the leading ones in our industry," says Xavier Ollé.

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TruBend 7050
TruBend Series 7000

The TruBend Series 7000 is a highspeed machine, facilitating perfect interaction between man and machine. Under optimum working conditions, it bends small and mid-sized parts in an ergonomic and user-friendly way.

TruLaser Series 1000, cutting data
TruLaser Series 1000

The machines of the TruLaser Series 1000 impress with their extremely low investment and operating costs. They are robust, easy to operate and automate or connect with other machines. 

TruBend Series 3000, cost-effective standard machine
TruBend Series 3000

The machines of the TruBend Series 3000 are the fastest bending machines in their class. They are also easy to operate and impress with their attractive price-performance ratio: they produce economically even with low utilization.