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TruHeat MF Series G3

A product based on decades of experience

Can be used worldwide for any induction application

TRUMPF Hüttinger is bringing a new generation to market. The generators of the TruHeat MF Series G3 are particularly suitable for applications in crystal growing and epitaxy. Our decades of experience with the industry-leading predecessor models of the TruHeat MF Series 3000 are incorporated in this new generation in terms of reliability and robustness, along with optimized cost considerations.

Wide operating voltage range

Can be used worldwide without technical modifications

Robust and reliable design

Constant availability and cost savings due to low downtimes

Low water consumption

Cost savings thanks to an economic and robust cooling concept

Maximum economy throughout the entire service life

High efficiency factor of up to 94.5% and low operating costs

Broad range of applications

The experience gained from the market-leading predecessor model TruHeat MF 3000 contributes to even higher reliability and robustness with optimized cost considerations. Particularly for SiC. But also for the overall wide-ranging induction market.


Deposition of single-crystal layers on a substrate of the same material, e.g. in LED manufacturing.

Crystal growing

The generators of the TruHeat MF Series G3 are predominantly used for demanding inductive heating tasks such as crystal growing - particularly the cultivation of silicon carbide (SiC).

Can be used flexibly and worldwide

The space requirements are low, which means it can be easily integrated in any application environment – the construction with a separate parallel oscillating circuit enables flexible arrangement in the process. Thanks to the variable supply voltage, the generators can be used globally without technical modifications; the wide variety of available interfaces facilitates configuration and operation.

Ideal solution for temperature-controlled processes

Parallel oscillating circuit technology reduces setup times, improves productivity and extends the application spectrum. Thanks to the flexible power regulation from almost 0% to 100%, temperature-controlled processes can be optimally controlled using the TruHeat MF Series G3 generators. Reliability and long-term stability in operation guarantee a high level of productivity and reproducibility of the results. The taps of the MF output transformer enable easy adjustment to various induction processes.

Outer circle

With an outer circle, the load (induction coil + workpiece) can be optimally adapted to the RF generator so that this can always output the maximum power. Various outer circles are available for a variety of applications.

Circuit category 3

For safe disconnection of the system from the electric power.

Switchable output voltage

The output voltage can be switched from 300 V to 600 V and is therefore ideal for demanding heating processes.

Web-based GUI

With the web-based graphical user interface, the generator can be conveniently operated, configured and monitored from a PC or laptop, without any software.

The inductor geometry is specially adjusted for the required heating process (ring, line or mold inductor).
Pyrometers and program controllers
Pyrometers are used for non-contact temperature measurements on surfaces up to 2000 °C. A coupled program controller enables temperature profiles to be followed precisely.
Process coolers
Process coolers ensure reliable dissipation of process heat. Versions are available for various power ranges.
Coaxial transformer
Coaxial transformers are used for optimal power adjustment between the generator and inductor. They are available with transformation ratios of 6:1, 9:1 and 12:1.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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