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Gabriel Pankow

Video of the TRUMPF highlights at Formnext

S eries production with 3D printing, core components for particle accelerators and new materials - at Formnext, the leading trade fair for additive manufacturing in Frankfurt, trade fair attendees who visited the TRUMPF booth could see first-hand how the high-tech company is advancing 3D printing. The highlights at the TRUMPF booth can be seen here in the video.

Decreasing component costs are increasingly bringing additive manufacturing (AM) on par economically with conventional manufacturing. TRUMPF systems are ready for industrial series production. One example of this is the new TruPrint 1000. Thanks to smart automation, the system is twice as productive as its predecessor and is ideally suited for series production, for example in the dental industry or medical technology. The TruPrint 1000 can produce all night without the need for a worker to be present. Users therefore save a lot of time as well as costs.

Green laser for copper processing

Large copper components can now be processed on TRUMPF 3D printers as easily as common 3D printing materials such as stainless steel. For this purpose, the high-tech company has equipped its largest 3D printer, the TruPrint 5000, with the green laser for the first time. The green laser is crucial for the processing of copper. TRUMPF is the leader in this technology. With the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition, the high-tech company is responding to the demand for systems with larger build volume for the production of copper components such as components for electric motors or heat exchangers.

One example of the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition's special capabilities is a copper component that TRUMPF additively manufactured for CERN. This is a core component of particle accelerators. What makes it so special is that, for the first time, it has been possible to print this copper component in one piece.

TRUMPF makes additive manufacturing with new metals possible

TRUMPF has expanded its selection of powder alloys for its 3D printing systems. The high-tech company demonstrated the potential of new titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and tool steel alloys for additive manufacturing at Formnext. Powder is an important component of additive manufacturing. TRUMPF's goal is to offer its customers the broadest material portfolio on the market. Users of the systems can thus always implement new applications using additive manufacturing or improve existing applications with new powders. A wide range of materials is important to be on par with conventional manufacturing processes.

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